Common misconceptions of Galaxy Note9

Last modified : Aug 29. 2018

Here are some of the most common misconceptions of the Galaxy Note9: 

Why is there a rattling noise when I shake the device?Click to Expand

Your device is not faulty – the sound is due the Camera Lens Barrel required to operate the Auto Focus function.


Your Galaxy Note9 supports a dual-lens camera and it consists of a 12MP main camera with a wide angle of view and a 12MP telephoto camera. Both cameras also support the Auto Focus feature. The Auto Focus feature adjusts focus by moving the Lens Units up and down over the Image Sensor. This enables Auto Focus speed and accuracy and helps in reducing battery usage.


The camera module is fitted with a “Stopper” part to limit lens unit movement within the space for the camera module. When the Lens and Stopper touch, when shaking the Galaxy Note9, a rattling noise may occur – however this is normal due to the operation of the Auto Focus feature of camera. The sound made may differ slightly by device types and model.

Touch screen edges are unresponsiveClick to Expand

To prevent misrecognition or incorrect touches when holding the device, the screen has been designed intentionally to not respond when touching the edges of the screen. As a result, the device may not recognize touch inputs outside of the touch screen input area. This is part of the normal operation of the device.

Why is my Bluetooth device not connecting like it used to on my old phone?Click to Expand

When switching to the Note9, you must pair your Bluetooth devices again. When you Smart Switch your data from the old device to the new device, it does not transfer Bluetooth connections.


To connect, make sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode (check device manual). Then tap on Bluetooth in your Notification Panel to scan for nearby devices. Once the device is recognised, tap on pair. 

Why is there an afterimage of the Always On Display when I turn on the screen?Click to Expand

This usually occurs when the screen is switch on from a dark screen to a bright screen due to the characteristics of sAMOLED display. There is a new version of Always On Display ( to decrease this occurance, so please update Always On Display to the latest version.

Third party accessoriesClick to Expand

Some mobile phone cases or accessories may have magnetic parts and/or card holders. This may cause the below to occur:


  • S Pen to not be recognised properly, lines become bent when drawing.
  • Auto focus on camera not working properly, as the lens barrel is not able to move due to magnets.
  • NFC to pickup on tags from the magnetic strip of cards causing a notification on your device. Turn off NFC in your Notification Panel if you are not using it. 
The rear camera lens is not centered.Click to Expand

Your device is not faulty – the Note9 camera has an anti-shake function (Optical Image Stabilisation) which requires extra space to operate. When the camera is not being used, the lens moves around due to its weight and may appear to be un-centered. However, once the camera is turned on, the lens will center itself to it's normal position.

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