How to Invite Members to the SmartThings app

Last modified : Mar 26. 2019

Once you've got all of your devices added into the SmartThings app, it's time to start adding family, friends or housemates into your SmartThings location. Only the owner (or creator) of a Location in the SmartThings app can invite other members. Each member will need to be given access to separate locations one at a time. See the table below for the differences between Owners and Members in the SmartThings app:

Differences between Owners and Members for Samsung SmartThings




• Add, remove, and modify all devices
• Control and manage devices
• Create, delete, and modify Automations and Scenes

• Delete and modify the Location
• Remove other member’s devices
• Invite and remove other members


• Add, remove, and modify their own devices
• Control and manage devices
• Create, delete, modify Automations and Scenes
• Leave and modify the Location

Invite MembersClick to Expand
1 Open the SmartThings app
open smartthings app
2 Select the location to share and tap the 3 line menu button, then Members
select members
3 Select Add Members
tap add members

Please note: The new member must have signed into the SmartThings app with their Samsung Account before you send the invitation or the app will display an error. 

4 Select how you would like to share the invitation via Samsung Account email address or QR Code

Please Note: Each QR code is available to use one time. You'll need to create a new QR code to add other members.

select preferred invitation type
Accept an Invitation via Samsung Account:Click to Expand
1 If the member is accepting the invitation through their Samsung Account, they will need to open their SmartThings app and either accept of decline the invite.
accepting members
Accept a QR Code Invitation:Click to Expand

Please Note: The new Member will need to be signed into a separate Samsung Account in the SmartThings app

1 On the New Members device, open the SmartThings app > tap the 3 line menu button > Members
select members
2 Tap the 3 Dots menu, top right of the screen
select members
3 Select Accept QR code invitation
accept QR Invite
4 Tap Allow if you are prompted to give SmartThings permission to use the Camera to scan the QR Code
5 Line up the square with the QR code on the other device. Scanning the QR code will automatically add the shared Location to the Members SmartThings app.
lining up QR Code
Removing MembersClick to Expand
1 Only the owner of the Location can Add or Remove members from a Location.

If you would like to remove a member from your Location, head into Members
select members
remove member
2 Select Edit
accept QR Invite
3 Select the Member you would like to remove, then tap Remove
remove member

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