Using the Samsung Health app on my Galaxy Wearable

Last Update date : Jan 29. 2021

Samsung Health on your watch is 24-hour assistant that tracks your activities and encourages you to form healthy habits in your daily life. By connecting your watch to the Samsung Health app on your phone, you can manage your health data, get more detailed information, and receive meaningful insights every day.


*Galaxy Watches are not a medical/therapeutic device. Fitness and health functions are for informational purposes only.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to reach out to your Samsung subsidiary. Screenshots were captured from a Galaxy Watch3 operating on One UI 2.0, settings and steps available may vary depending on your Galaxy device and software version.

1 Press the Home button on your Samsung Watch to access your apps tray and select Samsung Health
Select Samsung Health app
2 You should be able to view your Activity, Work out and Hourly movement recorded throughout the day. If you scroll down the screen you will also be able to check out your daily steps, record a workout, track your sleep and monitor your heart rate.
Viewing Samsung Health homepage
3 If you tap on Daily Activity icon you will be able to view your Daily Activity, Workout and Move hourly information.
Viewing daily activity, workout and move hourly report

  • Activity: The number of calories burnt today while active. Calories burnt while you're at rest aren't counted. Keep your profile updated to get the most accurate tracking.
  • Work out: Time spent exercising today, including both dynamic workouts and workouts you start.
  • Move hourly: The number of hours during the day when you were active. You'll get reminders through the day when you've been inactive for 50 minutes.

You can see today's steps, step goal, and distance walked, plus any rewards you've earned.

1 Swipe down the screen and select Steps icon Steps
Swipe down the screen and select Steps
2 You will then be able to view your target steps and your weekly average steps. By default your target steps are set to 6000 steps, if you would like to change your target steps select Settings icon Settings
Viewing daily steps and weekly target
3 Tap on Step Target and increase or decrease your daily step target.
Tap on step target

Keep track of your workouts in real time. Your watch records your workout details while you're walking, running, cycling, hiking or doing other physical activities.

Record a workout

1 Scroll down the screen and select Workout icon Workout
Scroll down the screen and select Workouts
2 You should be able to view your weekly workout activity, start a workout and view your workout logs.

To start logging a workout tap on Workout icon

Viewing weekly workouts and start a workout
3 Tap on an exercise to start tracking
Select a workout to start logging
4 Either select Tap to skip the countdown or allow the 3 second countdown to begin your workout.
3 second countdown
5 You should then be able to start working out and allow your watch to track your heart rate, distance and time of the workout.
tracking workout
6 If you need to pause or finish a workout simply press the Back button on your Samsung watch. If you would like to resume the workout press the Back button again. If you would like to start logging a didferent workout tap on New Workout to end the workout simply tap on Finish
paused workout

Customise exercise settings

1 If you would like to customise your target, enable location or guide frequency for a particular exercise simply tap on three dots icon and adjust the settings to suit you.
Select a workout
2 Scroll through the page and customise each setting to suit your preference for your selected exercise, once complete press the back button
Cutomise Target settings

Tracking logs

1 If you would like to review your logs captured from your watch tap on View log icon

Tap on View Log
2 Tap on a log to review the workout duration, avg. pace, avg. speed and max. heart rate for a particular workout.
Viewing Logs

Your watch automatically records your sleep based on your movement. You can turn on Record REM sleep on your watch to track the 4 stages of sleep: when you're awake, REM, light and deep.

If your heart rate can't be recorded or you've turned off Record REM sleep, your watch will use motion to record your sleep as restless, light or motionless. For more information on track your Sleep Score check out our page Tracking Sleep Score with the Galaxy Watch3.

1 Scroll down the screen and select Sleep icon Sleep
Scroll down the screen and select Sleep
2 You should be able to view your most recent sleeping pattern and your weekly avg. sleep.
Viewing weekly last nights sleeping pattern and avg. weekly sleep
Heart rate

Heart rate is measured in beats per minute. To measure your heart rate, position your watch on the top or underside of your wrist (not on your wrist bone). For more accurate measurement, try to keep still and quiet.

Your resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats during 1 minute of rest. Sit and relax for 5 minutes before measuring your resting heart rate. Typically, your resting heart rate decreases over time with consistent aerobic exercise. Your resting heart rate will only be measured while you're not moving an Auto HR is set to measure continuously.


Keep in mind that heart rate monitoring is for fitness and wellness only, not for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. If you're concerned about your heart, be sure to see a medical professional.

1 Scroll down the screen and select Heart rate icon Heart Rate
Scroll down the screen and select heart rate
2 You should be able to view Today's HR, your weekly summary and Settings icon Settings where you can adjust the HR and Stress management.
Vewing weekly heart rate summary

Measuring Heart rate

1 To manually track your heart rate tap on Measure icon
Vewing weekly heart rate summary
2 Try to relax and stay still while the watch measures your heart rate
measuring heart rate
2 Try to relax and stay still while the watch measures your heart rate
Heart rate measured

The stress tracker measures certain biomarkers to determine your stress level. Your stress measurements will be more accurate the more you use the tracker.  Your current stress level is shown on the stress gauge and ranges from low to high. You average stress level reflects your measurements from last year.

Your stress measurements don't necessarily reflect how you're feeling, so add a note about your emotional state with each measurement. Stress measurements will pause during vigorous activity and when Samsung Health detects that you are sleeping. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine and drugs can affect your stress measurements.

Breathing exercise


Deep breathing can help reduce stress. To calm your mind and body, try to exhale for as long as or longer than you inhale. Use the breathing exercise to guide you.


Keep in mind that stress monitoring is for fitness and wellness only.

Measuring Stress level

1 Scroll down the screen and select Stress icon Stress
Scroll down the screen and select stress
2 You will then be able to view your stress level, try some Breathing exercises and review your weekly average stress level.

To measure your current stress level tap on Measure icon

viewing daily stress level and weekly average
3 Ensure you sit still and allow your watch to measure your stress level
Measuring stress levels
4 Once captured you will be able to compare your current stress level to your average stress level. If you select Tag, you will be able to tag your current emotion
Tag stress level

Using Breathing exercises

1 Select BREATHE
viewing daily stress level and weekly average
2 Tap on Start to begin breathing exercises
Tap on Start to begin breathing exercise
3 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your 6 simple breathing cycles.
completing breathing exercises
4 If you need to adjust your breathing exercise settings tap on Settings
If you need to adjust your breathing exercise settings tap on settings
5 Select each of the settings and customise to suit your preference
Adjusting Breathing Settings
Blood Oxygen

Use your Galaxy Watch3 to measure your Blood Oxygen level. Your blood oxygen level can provide an indication of how effectively your blood is carrying oxygen throughout your body, which in turn can tell you whether you're breathing effectively. Please check out our guide Measuring Blood Oxygen Levels on my Galaxy Watch3 for in-depth instructions.

*Galaxy Watch 3 is not a medical/therapeutic device and is not intended for medical use. It is solely intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of a disease or other conditions; or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease; or for the prevention or control of pregnancy. Samsung recommends that you consult with your doctor before participating in any exercise program. Using Samsung Health app with Galaxy Watch 3 requires signup and pairing with your compatible smartphone. Fall Detection must be switched on and your Location must be enabled to share with your Emergency contact.

1 Scroll down the list of options and tap on full screen icon Blood Oxygen
Scroll down and select  Blood Oxygen
2 Select full screen icon to start measuring your Blood Oxygen level
Tap on Measure

If you would like to add the Blood Oxygen function as a widget check out our guide Adding a Widget to my Samsung Watch for step-by-step instructions.

Calorie intake

Enter your meals and snacks to track your daily calorie intake, nutrition, and progress towards your goal. Your recommended daily calorie intake is based on your gender, age, height, weight and level of activity. It suggests how many calories you should consume in a day to maintain your current weight.

Your calorie intake target is synced with your weight management goal. You can change this target on your phone in the Weight management settings of Samsung Health.

1 Scroll down the screen and select knife and fork icon Calorie intake
Select Calorie intake
2 You will then be able to view your Daily and weekly intake as well as add kcal consumed throughout the day.

To add a meal tap on Add icon

Viewing Daily and weekly calorie intake
3 Choose the meal and enter in the kcal consumed then tap on Done once complete.
Select Breakfast and the kcal intake to adjust
Water intake

To stay healthy, you need to replace the water you use up every day. Eat and drink things that contain water to keep you hydrated.

1 Scroll down the screen and select Weight Management icon Water intake
Select Water intake
2 If you select minus and plus icons you will be able to increase or decrease the amount of ml consumed throughout the day. You can also compare the amount of glasses of water consumed throughout the week.
Viewing Daily water intake

By default the water intake target is set to 8 (2000 ml) glasses of water, if you would like to increase or decrease your target, tap on  Set target.


Together includes a leader board and a series of challenges to out you through your paces. To use Together make sure you have enabled it in Samsung Health on your connected phone.

Leader board

See how your weekly step count matches up to others and find out what it takes to claim first place.


Set up a steps contest with your friends and see who comes out on top.

1 Scroll down the screen and select people walking icon Together
Select Together
2 Scroll down the page to view all the challenges you have registered in
Viewing all challenges you are registered in
3 If you select a specific challenge you will be able to view your progress and number of participates within the challenge
Viewing progress in a specific challenge
Women's Health

Tracking your menstrual cycle is a great way of understanding your body and managing your contraceptive choices. Tracking can help you understand unique aspects of your health and how your cycle affects your wellbeing. Samsung Health has partnered with Glow to forecast your upcoming fertile windows, ovulation days and periods for up to a 24 cycle. Please also check out our guide Setting up Women's Health in the Samsung Health App to learn how to setup via your Galaxy Phone.

*Glow doesn't guarantee pregnancy or pregnancy prevention.

1 Scroll down the screen and select Womens Health icon Women's Health
Select Women's Health
2 Tap on Enter period to log when you period started or select Add log to record a symptom or mood.
Tap on Add log
3 Tap on any of the symptoms that match how you're feeling then select Save to apply the changes.
Select symptoms that match how you;re feeling

If you want to customise your Profile, units if measurements, workout detection or HR and stress management you will be able to adjust via your settings.

1 Scroll down the screen and select Settings icon Settings
Select Settings
2 Scroll through the Settings options and select a category to customise to suit your preference.
Tap on a settings option to adjust settings

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