Using the Samsung Galaxy Buds

Last modified : Mar 04. 2019

Once you've Setup and Paired the Samsung Galaxy Buds it's time to learn how to use the wireless earbuds. 

Galaxy Buds Touchpad Controls

When you're playing music from the connected mobile device, you can use the touch pad on the Galaxy Buds to control the music and skip songs. 


You can edit the controls and gestures in the Galaxy Wearable app. Set Tap and Hold to use Quick Ambient Mode; where you can briefly hear your surroundings without turning the music off completely.


Single Tap
Tap Once to Pause or Play Music
Tap the touchpad to play and pause the track.
Long Press a single time to activate Bixby
Double Tap
Double Tap to skip track ahead
Double-tap the touchpad to play the next track during playback.
Triple Tap
Triple Tap to skip back a track
Tap the touchpad three times to play the previous track during playback.
If you triple tap after first 3 seconds of a track, it will start the track from the beginning. Triple tap within the first 3 seconds of playback to play the previous track.
Tap and Hold
Tap and Hold to Adjust the Volume
Out of the box the Tap and Hold gesture is set to control the volume.
You can edit the Tap and Hold gesture in the Galaxy Wearable app.
Select to Tap and Hold to open Bixby, control the volume, turn on Ambient Sound or record a voice memo.
Tap and Tap & Hold
Tap and Tap & Hold to Adjust the Volume
Enter BT pairing mode manually. You may need to use this control if the Galaxy Buds won't connect.

Answering and Ending Phone Calls

The touchpad controls will operate differently while you're on a phone call, rather than listening to music:


Answer or End a Call: Double Tap

Decline an incoming phone call: Tap and Hold

Mute the call: Tap and hold while on a call to turn off the microphone so the other party can't hear you. 

Answer a second Call: When a 2nd call comes in, the earbuds will make a sound to alert you.

  • To end the current call and answer the 2nd call, Tap and Hold the touchpad
  • To place the current call on hold and answer the 2nd call, Double tap the touchpad
  • To switch between the current call and the held call, Double tap the touchpad.

Retrieve a held Call: Tap and hold after ending the current call.

Battery Life & Charging Case

The Galaxy Buds are designed to go all day. The total Playback time should last 13 hours, where the earbuds will last 6 hours on a single full charge and the case will store another 7 hours of charge. If you're using the Galaxy Buds for calls; the total Talktime battery life is 11 hours (5 hours for the earbuds and another 6 hours in the case).

Galaxy Buds Charging Case Layout

The Galaxy Buds charging case weighs 58g, has a width of 73.4mm and a height of 31.4mm. Once you've paired the Galaxy Buds to your mobile device; they'll automatically connect up again every time the case is opened.


LED Indicator

When you place the earbuds into the case and close the top, the LED indicator will turn on for a couple of seconds and will show how much battery power is left on the charging case.

  • Green = 60% charge or more
  • Yellow = 30% to 60% charge
  • Red = 30% or less
While charging, you can tell what's happening with the earbuds and case by the LED indicator:
  • Continuous red: Charging
  • Continuous green: Charged
  • Rapidly flashing red: Charging stopped due to abnormal temperature
  • Slowly flashing red: Low battery


To check how much battery is left on the earbuds, open the Galaxy Wearable app on the paired mobile device.

Please Note: Be careful to match the earbuds with their corresponding positions when replacing them into the case. The left and right earbuds might not allow the case to close or charge if the earbuds are put in the wrong way around. If the wingtips are not attached correctly the earbuds might not sit inside the case correctly. See the steps on how to attach the wingtips on the page Setup and Pair the Galaxy Buds.

Auto Sound Switching

The Galaxy Buds will detect how many earbuds are in its case and will switch the sound output to mono or stereo based on how many earbuds are in the charging case. If you put both Galaxy Buds into the charging case, the music will stop automatically. 

Automatic Sound Switching between Stereo and Mono

If you're only using one earbud, make sure to put the other earbud back in the case. Keeping the earbud in the case will not only keep you from losing the earbud, but the battery will drain when the earbud is not in the case. 

Find my Earbuds

If you've lost one earbud down the back of the couch, all is not lost. Using the Galaxy Wearable app, you can send a signal from your phone to the earbuds to get them to start a beeping sound; which will get progressively louder until you find it. 

1 Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your paired mobile device
2 Select the Find My Earbuds option
3 Tap Start to send the signal to the earbuds

Please Note: Do not use the Find My Earbuds function when wearing the earbuds. The Find My Earbuds alarm will sound loud enough to potentially cause hearing damage if the earbuds are worn during the function.

4 Select Stop on the mobile device when you've found the earbuds to cancel the alarm.

Please Note: If there is any debris covering the sensors on the earbuds, the Find My Earbuds function may not work properly. Make sure to wipe the earbuds with a dry, clean cloth regularly. If the sensors are covered the touchpad and automatic mute functions may not work correctly.

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