Using the S Pen on my Galaxy device

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2021

The new and improved S Pen on the Galaxy Note10, Tab S6 or Tab S6 Lite isn't like previous S Pen's. With the new Bluetooth commands you can control your device at a distance with Air actions to give you even more control. Click on the below drop down menus to learn about the new features you can do with the S Pen. If you need help replacing the S Pen nib, check out our page How do I replace the S Pen nib? for step-by-step instructions.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian varian Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsidiary. Screenshots were captured from a Gaalxy Note10+ and Tab S6 operating on Android OS Version 10.0 (Q), settings and steps may vary depending on your Galaxy device and software version

Charging the S Pen

The S Pen must be charged before you can control apps remotely by using the S Pen button.When you insert the S Pen into the slot, charging will start.

  • If the back of your device comes into contact with a magnet, the device may not recognise the S Pen and it will fail to charge the S Pen.
  • If the S Pen has been fully discharged, you can use other S Pen features such as tapping the touchscreen or the Air command features.
Air Command

 Air command is a menu that provides S Pen features and quick access to frequently used applications like Live Messages, Write on Calendar, Screen Write and Translate. To access the Air command panel, simply detach the S Pen from the slot or hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button. For step-by-step instructions and features within Air Command, check out our page What is Air Command?

Accessing and Customising Air Command

1 When you take out your S Pen, Air Command will automatically launch.

If you haven't filled up your Shortcuts list, tap on the Shortcut Icon with your S Pen.
Tap on the Add Shotcut icon in your Air Command menu
2 With your S Pen, drag your preferred application or feature into the shortcut list.

To remove a shortcut simply tap the Minus icon button.
Drag app or feature to shortcut list
3 If your shortcut list is full and you are unable to locate or select the add shortcut icon , you will then need to long press an app you no longer wish to use and drag to the Remove icon button using your S Pen.
Removing app from shortcut list
Air Actions

With the Galaxy Note10/10+ and Tab S6 you can use the S Pen to control certain applications remotely using Air Actions. The Galaxy Note10/10+ and Tab S6 combines the gestures with the existing single/double press for an extended remote control experience without the need to touch the screen. Also on media apps, you can now control Play/Pause/Forward/Backward/Volume up(down) funtcions without having to touch the screen.


Follow the below guide to learn how to access and use Air Actions on your Galaxy device.

1 Launch your Settings > Advanced Features
Settings > Advanced Features
2 Tap on S Pen > Air Actions
Select S Pen > Air Actions
3 You will then be able to customise or enable/disable your Air Actions.
Viewing Air Actions settings

Hold down Pen button to

1 By default if you long press the S Pen button you will automatically launch the camera app.

If you want to change this setting or completely disable this function tap on Hold down Pen button to
Tap on hold down pen button to
2 Select your preferred app or toggle off to disable this function
Select your preferred app or toggle off to disable

App Actions

1 Choose what happens when you press the Pen button in a particular application.
Select preferred app
2 Toggle on/off to enable or disable this function for your selected app or customise the Pen button or Gestures.

Once you are happy with your settings, tap on the arrow key or press the back button.
customise app action

General Controls

1 General Controls allows you to control your camera and media apps.
General Controls options
2 Beside each action you can change the setting from increasing or decreasing the volume to flipping the camera from front to back.

Simply tap on the current function and select your preferred action.
Select a function to change to your own preference
3 Once you have customised your General Controls, you will be able to use these actions within your Camera app or Media apps.
Using General Controls on Camera and Media Apps
Using Multiple S Pens
1 Launch your Settings > Advanced Features
Settings > Advanced Features
2 Select S Pen
Select S Pen
3 Scroll down the page and toggle on Use multiple s pens
Toggle on use multiple s pens
Resetting your S Pen

If your S Pen is facing some connection problems or the S Pen disconnects often, try resetting it and reconnect it again.

1 Launch your Settings > Advanced Features
Settings > Advanced Features
2 Select S Pen
Select S Pen
3 Tap on Air Actions
Select Air Actions
4 Tap the 3 dots icon
tap on 3 dots
5 Select Reset S Pen
Select Reset S Pen
Reconnecting different S Pens

If you have either lost or replaced your S Pen on your Note10 or Tab S6, you can easily reconnect another S Pen using the following steps. 

1 In your Air Action settings tap on the three dots icon > Reset S Pen
Select Reset S Pen
2 Ensure your S Pen is still attached to your Galaxy device, either on the back of the Tab S6 or in the designated slot on the Note10.
Ensure S Pen is attached to device - either on the back of the tab S6 or in the designated slot on the Note10
3 Once the reset is complete, allow your device to reconnect to the new S Pen.
Connecting new S Pen

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.

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