Using the Watch Translator on the Galaxy Watch Active2

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

The Galaxy Watch Active2 provides useful services for your everyday life. It automatically recognizes and translates 20 different languages. Follow the below guide to download and use the Watch Translator on your Galaxy Watch Active2.


※ Supported Languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian. * Voice recognition and speaking requires network connection.


1 On your compatible smartphone or Galaxy Watch Active2, search and download Watch Translator
Install Watch Translator
2 Read through the following permissions then tap on Allow and download
Allow and download app
3 Allow the installation of the app to reach 100%
Allow the installation of the app to reach 100%
4 Once installed tap on the Watch translator icon Watch Translator on your Galaxy Watch Active2.
Once installed on your Galaxy Watch Active 2 open up the app
5 Tap on plus icon to add two languages you want to translate. Once complete, tap on OK
Select two languages you want to translate
6 Tap on Microphone icon to being translating in your chosen language


Settings icon Select the settings icon to adjust settings like Flip Text, Change the Language and adjust the Volume.

Microphone icon Begin to record a new conversation using the microphone button.

Auto icon  Automatically detect between the two languages you selected.


7 Once the language has been detected, your selected language will be read out to you.You can repeat the sentence or phrase by tapping on the middle of the watch face.

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