How to deregister from iMessage

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

After using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from an Apple™ device to a Samsung device, previous conversations that took place over iMessage™ can no longer be replied to and new iMessages from contacts will not br received by the Samsung device. You might not be able to receive text or MMS messages that someone sends you from an Apple device because they're still being sent as iMessage. 

If you have never had an iPhone or are having issues sending/receiving normal SMS messages please see our page on Why can't I send text/SMS messages?

If you don't have your Apple™ Device or can't turn off iMessage™

If your SIM card is already in your new Samsung device, you can deregister iMessage online

1 Enter your phone number, and click Send Code.
2 When you receive the confirmation code, enter it and click Submit.

After you deregister, your service number is removed from iMessage services. Text messaging should function as expected instantly, however in some cases this may take up to a few hours. 

If you have other Apple devices, iMessages to your Apple ID will still be received by devices that have iMessage enabled.

If you still have your Apple™ Device

1 Put your SIM card back into your Apple device
2 Open the Settings on your iOS device and go into Messages. Turn off iMessage
3 Go back to Settings and open the Facetime settings. Turn off Facetime
4 If you have an Apple™ Watch paired to your device, unpair it

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