Photo of a man in the kitchen basting a roast in the top half of the Dual Cook Flex oven

Stress-free mealtime with Dual Cook Flex™

One Flexible Door. Two temperatures.
Endless cooking combinations.

Explore Dual Cook Flex™ oven

Divide and conquer the kitchen with ovens that master two dishes at once and take the stress out of the kitchen with helpful cooking guides.

Photo of the Dual Cook Flex oven with the top-half door open

Cook Flexibly

Cook two meals at once with a top and bottom oven divided by a hinged door.

Close up photo of the Dual Cook Oven's fan oven setting being selected

Intuitive cooking

Get handy kitchen tips with the Cooking Guide and save your favourite meals with My Recipe.

Close up photo of the top oven with the door open demonstrating energy saving features of the Dual Cook Flex

Save your energy

Save 20% on energy* by only using the top oven with Dual Cook Flex™.

*Upper vs whole compartment on small cake setting at convection 155°C (IEC-60350)

Stays brilliantly clean - no scrubbing

  • Pyrolytic
  • Catalytic


Pyrolytic Cleaning

Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Pyrolytic Cleaning* system heats the cavity to burn off any grease and residue left from cooking. Everywhere is left completely spotless with only a few ashes to wipe away.

* NV75N5671RS model only.
Photo of the interior of the Dual Cook Flex oven showcasing its cleanliness
Video showing the Pyrolytic Cleaning system in action leaving just a few ashes to be wiped away


Catalytic Cleaning

Save yourself the time and effort of scrubbing the oven. A Catalytic Cleaning * system makes it easy to keep the oven clean. The catalytic liner at the rear of the cavity absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking. So it cleans itself without any hard work or costly cleaning products.

* NV75N5641RS, NV75N5641BS models only. ** Image shown may differ from actual product.
Photo of the interior of the Dual Cook Flex oven highlighting the Catalytic Cleaning system that absorbs grease during cooking