Crafted to beautifully blend in

2019 QLED TVs are so beautifully designed that they blend right into your home. Effortlessly display artworks and do away with messy wires with ease. Stunning from any angle, they’re the perfect centrepiece to any room.

Turn your TV into
a digital canvas

Ambient Mode

Display artworks, useful information, your own photos or have your 2019 QLED TV magically blend into its surroundings. With Ambient Mode, you can make the most of your tv whether it’s on or off.*

*Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours
A video showing the various options for Ambient Mode.
The 2019 QLED TV carries two new special décor mode options: light grid and linear dot patterns. Basic info mode and photo mode as well. The motion shows how 2019 QLED's Ambient Mode smoothly blends into the living room decor.

Turn your room into
a party room

Image shows 2019 QLED's new Ambient Mode pattern "Light Grid" and smart phone to apply the pattern through SmartThings App.
Explanation of the 2019 QLED TV's Ambient Mode being used to display a light grid pattern. The TV screen is shown using the light grid pattern to work just like the lighting in your room.
Connecting to the SmartThings app installed on your mobile phone is then shown, followed by clicking on Décor, then Light Grid, and then View on TV, resulting in the light grid mode being displayed on the screen. Many customized modes can be selected through Style & Settings on the Light Grid menu. Click party mode and then light grid is shown changing to party mode as chosen by the user.

Share your moments
on 2019 QLED

A user takes a photo of a landscapte to use 2019 QLED Ambient Mode.
Explanation of 2019 QLED's Ambient Mode being used as a photo wall in the living room. A user takes a photo of a landscape with a smartphone. The user then goes into the SmartThings app and taps "ambient mode," then finds "My Album" and taps "Select Photos." The user taps a photo and it appears on the TV. Tapping "Next" gives the user various filter options, and the user chooses "water color." The image on the TV now has a water color filter applied. The video ends showing the TV displaying the newly selected photo as part of the home interior.

See nothing but the beautiful picture

No Gap Wall-mount & one near invisible cable
A 2019 QLED TV with Samsung one invisible connection hanging on the wall. Another QLED TV with a no gap wall mount is on, with ambient mode for living room decor.
Enjoy the freedom to place your TV where you want. Do away with messy wires with one near invisible cable* for all of your devices, and effortlessly mount it flush to your wall for a sleek, minimal look.

2019 QLED TV’s are designed to look perfect from any angle. Elegant, minimal and modern, they’re crafted to seamlessly blend into any space.
* Near invisible cable is only available on Q85 and above

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