Infinitely fit

Win every workout.

Infinitely Fit Collection: Galaxy S8, Gear Fit2, Samsung Health

Make the most of your health with the Galaxy S8, Gear Fit2 and Samsung Health.

Samsung Gear Fit2: Track Distance, Get texts & More!

Do more on the run.

Cue your playlist, get texts on the go, see your pace and check how far you’ve gone. With the Gear Fit2, it’s all on your wrist.

Samsung Gear Fit2: Monitor Your Steps, Heart Rate & More!

Track your everything.

Monitor your heart rate, steps and all kinds of movements. The Gear Fit2 keeps up and keeps count, from running to crunches to yoga and more.

Samsung Health on the Galaxy S8

Put your health in your hands.

After you finish strong, compare your steps and see your stats in Samsung Health on the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8/S8+

Gear Fit2

Samsung Health