How do I drain water from my Samsung Heat Pump Tumble dryer without using the water tank?

Your Heat Pump Tumble dryer comes with a built-in water tank to drain water. However, if you do not want to use the water tank, you can install a drain hose instead. A long drain hose is provided and can be used as an extension to the main drain hose.

1 Locate the drain hose on the rear of your washing machine.
The drain hose is located on the rear side of the tumble dryer
2 Remove the drain hose from hole (A) and insert it into hole (B).
Remove the drain hose and insert it into the hole on the right hand side
3 Insert one end of the accessory hose (long drain hose) into hole (A).
Attach the accessory hose to the hole on the left hand side
4 Insert the other end (outlet) of the accessory hose to the drainage system in one of the following ways:
1 Make sure to place the end of the accessory hose lower than 90 cm from the bottom of dryer.
2 To bend some point of the accessory hose, use the supplied plastic hose guide (B) and secure the guide to the wall with a hook or to the tap with a piece of string. Assemble the drain hose (A) and the hose guide (B) and fix them with the cable-tie (C).
3 You can drain the condensed water by connecting the accessory hose (long drain hose) to the drain-outlet directly.

Please note: Do not extend the drain hose as water may leak from the connected area. Instead, use a long drain hose.

Connect the accessory hose to your sink's drain outlet directly
1 Assemble the hose connector (A) and attach it to the end of the accessory hose as shown.

Please note: To prevent water leak, make sure to connect the hose and the connector firmly.

Attach the hose connector to the end of the accessory hose
2 Connect the hose adaptor directly to the drain pipe of the wash basin.
Connect the hose adaptor to the wash basin drain pipe

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