Use Samsung Pay outside of the United States

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One of the great things about Samsung Pay is that it's the most widely accepted mobile payment. So, you should be set no matter where you go. However, there may be some restrictions when you are outside of the United States, such as not being able to redeem Samsung Reward points.

Use Samsung Pay outside of the U.S.

You can use Samsung Pay almost anywhere your physical card would be accepted. If your card issuer lets you use your physical card when traveling outside the United States, the digital card in Samsung Pay should work as well. The card issuer's terms and conditions will still apply to all foreign purchases made using Samsung Pay. If you have questions about using a specific card, we suggest contacting your card issuer for further details.

Remember, when you're outside of the U.S., you may not qualify for Samsung Pay and Samsung Rewards promotions. We recommend that you wait until you're back in the U.S. before you try to redeem those promotions or offers.

If you are attempting to register a payment card to Samsung Pay while traveling outside of the U.S., you may be required to contact the card issuer during the registration process.

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