IFA exhibition Samsung showcase innovative quantum dot technology

Samsung Welcomes IFA 2016 Guests with Illuminating Quantum Dot Exhibition

Sep 09. 2016
IFA exhibition Samsung showcase innovative quantum dot technology

At this year’s IFA exhibition, Samsung created a stunning work of art that captivated event attendees and showcased the innovative Quantum Dot (QD) technology powering its latest range of SUHD TVs.

Quantum Dots are nano-sized crystals that are highly efficient at absorbing and emitting light, making them perfect for implementation in displays. Samsung’s eye-catching art piece, created with the help of renowned German artists in various fields, succeeded in visualizing QD’s lasting color, high brightness, interesting history and ability to convey compelling stories.

[IFA 2016] Quantum Dot (QD) Highlight Booth Sketch

Visitors of the exhibit were immediately immersed in QD color via three impressive media sculptures assembled from dozens of SUHD TVs, which were surrounded by brilliant “Quantum Dots” of every hue.

To bring the installation to life, Samsung first collaborated with a local media artist to visualize stories that would best portray QD’s pure, natural color. An installation artist then created a layout allowing for an optimal viewing experience of Samsung’s products. Finally, a sound artist completed the immersive atmosphere through the incorporation of carefully selected music.

The artists drew inspiration for the piece from medieval stained glass—of which QD’s effects were first observed. The depth of color showcased in the art piece is expressive of Quantum Dots’ ability to create similarly beautiful, long-lasting color and revolutionize the viewing experience.

[IFA 2016] Quantum Dot (QD) History Booth Sketch

On the right side of the exhibit, guests were invited to discover how light-emitting-material research has historically guided TV development and learn more about QD’s interesting history. At the center, interactive installations allowed them to closely examine why Quantum Dots are able to produce up to one billion shades of pure, lasting color.

One of the most popular installations examined QD’s potential to revolutionize a variety of different fields. By pointing a tablet toward designated sections of an intricate diorama of a city, guests could view augmented reality animations of QD’s possible applications in medicine, solar cells, electronic batteries and lighting.

In addition, visitors were given an up-close look at the dynamic QD displays, side-by-side with conventional TVs. This allowed them to see for themselves how, even in bright conditions or under the lights of a convention hall, Samsung’s SUHD TVs are able to display lifelike detail and natural color, yielding the highest level of picture clarity on the market today.

quantum dot exhibition zone collaborated with artists

To greet visitors as they enter the Quantum Dot exhibition zone, Samsung collaborated with artists in the fields of Media, Sound and Installation Art to craft an artwork expressive of the similarities between stained glass and Quantum Dot technology.

artwork 65 and 78 inch samsung suhd tv

The artwork comprises 65-and 78-inch Samsung SUHD TVs featuring Quantum Dot technology.

history of quantum dot research exhibit

The exhibit outlines the history of Quantum Dot research.

compare brightness and contrast of conventional and quantum dot tv

The exhibit allowed guests to compare the brightness and contrast of a conventional TV with one featuring Quantum Dot technology.

display color durability comparison of conventional and quantum dot tv

An installation displays a frozen-image color durability comparison of a conventional screen and a Quantum Dot display.

quantum dot range of expressible colors

The SUHD TVs’ nano-sized Quantum Dots expand their range of expressible colors, allowing them to create one billion unique hues, compared to the 16 million of conventional TVs.

augmented reality example quantum dot application

A guest views an augmented-reality example of QD technology’s possible future applications.

Experience Samsung’s entire IFA 2016 Visual Display booth and all its vibrant Quantum Dot color in the video below.

[IFA 2016] Visual Display Booth Sketch