The display of my Fridge Freezer isn't working after a power cut

If you are experiencing issues with your fridge freezer after a power cut try some of these troubleshooting fixes to address the problem.  You may also want to consult your user manual for additional information on your appliance. If you cannot find a solution you may need to book a repair.

Check the plug

Check inside the fridge, feel the temperature, and inspect the interior light. If the light doesn't come on or the fridge is not at the correct temperature there may be an issue with the power supply.

Unplug the fridge and test the socket with another device such as a lamp or charger to see if the issue is with the socket. If you use a surge protector or an extension cord this should also be checked. It is also possible there is an issue with the fuse, check your fuse box to see if the correct switches are on.

Soft Reset
1 Unplug your fridge for ten seconds, then plug the appliance back in.

A reboot occurs when the appliance is unplugged for a minimum of ten seconds.

2 Press the temperature display button

This should bring the display back on.

Display Reset

Please note: Not all models have a display that can be reset. Check you user manual if you are unsure. 

1 Open the right side fridge door and locate the switch cover on the top right corner of the door.
2 Push up the cover to access the power switch.
3 Turn the switch off and leave for 5 seconds.
4 Turn the switch back on.
5 Reinsert the switch cover until you hear a click.

Please note: Temperature displays on most models illuminate for approximately ten seconds then turn off to save electricity. If nothing is displaying try pressing one of the buttons. 

Run a self check using the SmartThings app

If you are using a Smart fridge, you should be able to connect it to the SmartThings app. If you are new to SmartThings read our FAQ on how to use SmartThings

1 Open the SmartThings app.
2 Select About Devices.
3 Select Self Check.
4 Select Start Now.

The SmartThings app will run a self diagnostics test on the fridge and search for any issues. Based on its report continue with the recommendations provided on the app.

Error code issues

88 88, 83E, 85E or 86E

These error codes occur after power or electrical anomalies. If you have had a power cut, blown switch or a drop in voltage supply this can cause a communication fault triggering these codes. To solve these issues try unplugging the refrigerator or turning it off at the fuse box. Check your fuse box is functioning properly. 


These codes occur when there is a communication error within the refrigerator. They are usually triggered by power surges or if the doors are not connected properly. To solve the issue try restarting the fridge by powering off and unplugging the fridge. 

21E, 22E, 22C

This is caused by issues with the fridge fan. The fan may not be spinning properly. This is often due to the fan freezing up or becoming jammed. To fix this issue try unplugging your refrigerator and performing a defrost with the doors open. Make sure the fridge isn't overfilled in future use, the doors should not be prevented from closing properly. 


This means your fridge is in Cooling Off or Demo Mode. The steps to turn this off vary depending on your fridge model. Consult your user manual to check. 

Child Lock

Child lock is a function used to prevent unwanted changes from being made to the settings of your appliance. When Child lock is activated the buttons on your fridge display will be unresponsive and the water dispenser will not work.

The steps to enable or disable Child lock will vary depending on your fridge model so check your user manual for solutions. The most common method is performed by holding down the lock or the energy saver button for 3 seconds to switch the lock on or off.

Still can't see the display? We may need to arrange a service


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