How do I use the basic functions of my smartphone camera?

The camera on your smartphone allows you take photos and videos with ease. You can also use different camera modes such as Live Focus, Night Mode or Super Slow-Mo to customise your shot or video for the occasion. Find out more about the different camera modes. The conditions and light in which you take your photo can also affect the image. For assistance, find out why lines, dots, or lights are appearing in your photos after using the camera. You can also share your photos or videos with your friends. Find out how to use the Gallery app to share a photo via text message.

There are two ways to launch the camera on your Galaxy smartphone.

1 Swipe up or down on the home screen to reveal your apps, then tap the Camera app to launch.
Basic Camera Functions
2 You can quickly open the camera from the lock screen in just one swipe. Swipe the Camera icon up to open the camera app.
Basic Camera Functions

With the camera app open, press the capture button to take a picture.

Basic camera functions

Open the camera app on your smartphone before following these steps:

1 Press the record button to start recording
Basic camera functions

If there isn't a record button, swipe left to select video mode, then press the record button

Basic Camera functions
2 Press the stop button to finish recording
Basic Camera Functions

While using the camera app, press the switch camera button to switch between the front and rear cameras.

Basic Camera Functions

To use the zoom function, have the camera app open and touch the screen in two places:

1 Spread apart to zoom in
Camera basic functions
2 Pinch together to zoom out
Basic Camera Functions

In the camera app, the flash can be switched to on, off or auto using the lightning icon. 

Basic Camera Functions

Depending on your smartphone, you will either have to keep pressing the flash icon until it's turned yellow, or you'll have to select the yellow flash icon to turn the flash on. 

Camera Basic Functions

This sound is the camera lens shutter moving inside the barrel. It's a normal sound and it can happen when the smartphone is being shaken or vibrated. When you turn the camera on, the sound will stop as the shutter will be actively focused.

Please note: the camera module has a part installed that limits the movement of the lens unit, so the part will not break when the device is being shaken.

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