Why do lines, dots, or lights appear in my photos after using the camera app?

Flaws such as blotches, spots and dots can appear on your photos for a number of different reasons.

The most common reasons are light phenomena, or dust or dirt on the lens. Follow the below steps to try and solve the issue.

1 Check your camera lens for scratches or dirt, and wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.
2 If you suspect that the issue may be a hardware problem, you can run a hardware test by downloading the Samsung Members app . You will find an option for 'Test hardware' at the bottom of the home page of the app.
3 Check that your software is up-to-date . Updates are released regularly with improvements to various aspects of your device.
4 If the problem occurs only occasionally, or under certain conditions, it might relate to lighting phenomena.

Check the below common light phenomena issues to try and identify the issue. If you are still having difficulty, get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page

Photography and light phenomena


Black lines, orange casting or flickering when taking photos or video near fluorescent lights

black lines

This is a natural phenomenon that can happen when taking photos under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights flicker at twice the mains frequency and if you are using a shutter speed of 1/120 or faster, the light and colour intensity can change. This can be more common if you are using Burst Shot mode or Slow Motion.

In some cases, the effect can be negated by using the flash.

Straight white lines resulting from lens flare

white line

If you are taking a photo where there is a bright light source, such as sunlight or a street lamp, this can result in a straight light line appearing on the photo if you take it from an angle resulting in lens flare.
This is often exacerbated where the lens is smudged or dirty. Start by wiping the lens with a clean cloth, and change the position of the camera so the light source is from a different angle.

In some cases, this could also be caused by having a reflective phone case near the lens.

Light spots appear on the photo ('Ghosting')


White spots on photos can be caused by light reflecting off a strong light source. It commonly appears when taking images around bright lights. To reduce light reflections, check the lighting when taking your photos.

Black dots ('Black Sun Effect')

black dots

This can occur when part of the photo is overexposed to light. It most commonly happens when taking a picture directly aimed at an extremely bright light source such as the Sun.

Occasionally, this may appear as a pink dot if exposed to an extremely bright light such as a laser beam. If excessive heat or high-density energy is concentrated in certain areas of the camera lens, it may cause damage to the micro-lens.


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