What is the Show Window feature on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S?

Show Window lets you select a particular area of the screen to show full screen on an external monitor.


To use this application, connect the device to an external monitor.


1. Connect an external monitor to the device using an appropriate cable (HDMI cables and adapters for external monitors can be bought online).


2. On the task-bar, choose Windows.


3. Choose All apps.


4. Choose Show Window.


5. Choose Start. A white border will appear around the areas you can select.


6. Start only works when the display mode is set to expanded. With the Fn key held down, tap the F4 key and then the F4 key again to choose Expand.


7. Drag while holding to select the area that will appear full screen on the external monitor.


8. Then choose Finish. The selected area will be displayed on your external monitor.


9. To stop the screen from showing, choose Stop.

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