What's new on the Galaxy Watch3?

What's new on the Galaxy Watch3?

The Galaxy Watch3 has been designed to be the centre of your wellness experience and is supported by Samsung's most expansive health suite yet.


The blood oxygen feature allows you to measure and track oxygen saturation over time, while the new Samsung Health Monitor app offers cuff-less blood pressure and electrocardiogram measurements. The Watch3 also acts as a personal fitness coach, helping you to improve your running form, and offering over 120 home training programmes.

Read on to find out more about the health features of the Galaxy Watch 3, or find out more about the main features of the Galaxy Watch3.

You can also find out more about how to measure your ECG with the Samsung Health Monitor app.

The Galaxy Watch3 uses a photoplethysmogra or PPA sensor to measure your blood pressure on your wrist, so that you can see your blood pressure and heart rate simultaneously. Your Blood pressure data is automatically saved in the Samsung Health Monitoring app.

1 Use a standard, cuff blood pressure monitor to take an initial reading
2 Enter your results on the blood pressure category of the Samsung Health Monitor app. You will need to enter this through your connected mobile device
3 You can check your blood pressure on the Watch3. You can also check for detailed results including systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate on the Samsung Health Monitor app
4 You will need to calibrate your blood pressure using a standard blood pressure monitor every four weeks

You can use the blood oxygen feature to check the amount of incoming oxygen, and how well you breathe, by measuring your blood oxygen. Your blood oxygen level indicates the amount of oxygen in your blood, which can affect your exercise performance and the quality of your daily life.


Your blood oxygen measurement is very closely related to the condition of your lungs. This means you can use it to keep track of an existing health condition and stay alert while wearing a face mask.

The Watch3 is the perfect running companion, providing you with detailed feedback to help you run better, and avoid running-related injuries.


Real-time Analysis

The Watch3 analyses your running habits in real-time, so that you can check your form and make any improvements.


VO2 max

VO2 max shows you your rate of oxygen consumption. The higher the number, the better your cardiorespiratory health (heart and lungs) and endurance. 


Post run feedback

After you've finished your run, feedback will be given over 6 running form parameters; Asymmetry, Contact time, Flight time, Regularity, Vertical, and stiffness. Samsung Health can recommend you drills and exercises to improve your performance based on these results.

By analysing your sleep data, including your REM, your Watch3 can provide you with a sleep score and provide insights for better sleep. These insights are provided with the National Sleep Foundation. You can also analyse your sleep patterns and cycles to help you improve your sleep quality.

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