An empty water jug is a thing of the past

Do you hate going to the fridge and not having any cold water? Entertaining with friends and the water jug is finished?
Coming in after a run to discover someone has put an empty jug back in the fridge?

Samsung’s all new French Door Refrigerator range is packed with smart innovations such as the new Beverage Centre with Autofill Jug,
which automatically refills every time it’s placed back into the fridge.
* Those pesky empty water jugs in the fridge are now a thing of the past!

Throughout 2020, many of us turned to the kitchen as a hub for in-home entertainment – who doesn’t remember the banana bread baking-craze during lockdown?!
As such, the kitchen remains the heart of the Australian home and we believe in creating innovative kitchen appliances that can make a real difference in your life.

Chilled water, anytime you like

The introduction of the Beverage Centre means that whether you’re entertaining with friends or having a cosy family dinner, there will always be a full 1.4L jug of cold water in the fridge and ready-to-go.* Proving things are just better when you don’t have to do them, the hidden jug automatically refills with fresh, filtered water so you will never find an empty jug in your fridge again.

If you’re having a Tuscan feast, you can add grapefruit, raspberries and mint (our favourite) into the infuser for a fun twist on plain water – ideal for entertaining. Then, once you’ve enjoyed your meal, you can easily wash the BPA-free jug in your dishwasher.

Ice, ice baby

The new Beverage Centre doesn’t leave the ice behind. You can add either regular ice cubes or small Ice Bites, which chill drinks faster, from your automatically topped up ice bin.^ A ready-made supply of ice for every occasion!

Built to entertain

The fridges are great for entertaining with ample storage space when you’re catering for a crowd.

We know that cooking and entertaining with friends and family is a priority for many Australians, and high quality produce is the cornerstone to great cooking. We’ve incorporated the latest technology into the French Door Refrigerator so that food can be kept in ideal conditions and stay fresher for longer.

Gone are the days of frozen food at the back of the fridge, All-Around Cooling technology is designed to preserve freshness by continuously checking the internal temperature and optimising when needed.

When you need that ice cream to freeze quickly after your grocery shop or your favourite aperitif to chill quickly before your guests arrive, Power Cool and Power Freeze can help you out – especially on hot Aussie Summer days.

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*Automatic refill is subject to the unit being plumbed.
** On demand ice from the auto ice maker is subject to the unit being plumbed.

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