A perfect fit

Samsung Australia and cult jeans brand Dr. Denim create a limited edition run of jeans that banishes the dreaded smartphone ‘pocket bulge’

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that finding a pair of jeans with pockets that flatteringly accommodate a modern-day smartphone is nigh on impossible.

You may have scoured the length and breadth of the high street to find that perfect pair of denims, but then you add your phone to the mix and all of a sudden the neat lines and tailoring are disrupted with an unsightly, ugly protrusion: the ‘pocket bulge’.

If there’s one thing that’s a surefire way to ruin a killer pair of jeans it’s the pocket bulge. The result of a bulky device, this unfortunate lump results from cramming pockets to the very edge of their capacity. And with summer just around the corner, we can expect to see a surge of this particular form of fashion crime, as coats are relegated to the back of the wardrobe, which means we can longer hide our pieces of tech in jacket pockets.


Back in the dim and misty past (around a decade or so ago) our phones sat in a bag unless they were needed to make a call or send a text. Fast-forward to 2021 and they’re part and parcel of almost everything they do. An essential piece of kit, smartphones allow us to do an A to Z of tasks, from communication to paying for our shopping, and given this myriad of uses, we need them to be immediately accessible, 24/7.

However, though we reach for them umpteen times a day and depend on them for a myriad of reasons, our clothing hasn’t yet caught up to accommodate them. Stick a smartphone in the front pocket of your pants and you’ll instantly see it protruding out from your thigh. Regardless of whether you wear chinos or jeans, or a fit that’s loose or slim, the tell-tale outline of a standard size device is almost unavoidable — but it doesn’t have to be.

While many smartphone brands seem to be fine forgoing form for techie function, Samsung Australia are tackling the battle of the bulge head on, by creating both a phone and a pair of jeans that combined ensure that anyone can ditch the ugly ‘saddlebag’ look, and cuts a clean, lean silhouette.


A pair of jeans that accommodate a smartphone in an aesthetically pleasing way has been an undiscovered sartorial Holy Grail — until now that is.
Following a lengthy design process, Samsung Australia have unveiled the result of their collaboration with cult Swedish jeans brand, Dr. Denim, and it’s a doozy.

Reimagining the classic wardrobe staple, the Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans have been designed to perfectly house the Galaxy Z Flip3 — a device which folds to approximately half the size of a standard flat phone. Celebrating the unique folding form factor of the cutting-edge Samsung device, the limited edition run features pockets that have been exclusively designed to offer fashion fans both style and practicality. With no need for large pockets when using the stylish new Galaxy Z Flip3, the back pockets have been removed, and one pocket has been ‘flipped’ to the front thigh, and scaled down to the exact dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip3 phone. The original front pockets have been stitched over with two statement Z’s — a subtle nod to the innovative, foldable Galaxy Z Series.

“Smart phones are built into our everyday lives, but they’ve often been seen bulky and not particularly pocket friendly,” says Samsung Australia’s head of brand marketing, Samsung Mobile, Hayley Walton.

“The Z Flip Pocket Denim is designed perfectly to fit our more compact Galaxy Z Flip3, so you don’t have to compromise looking good just to be able to stay connected to your device.”

Produced at a limited edition run of 450 pairs, the Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans are made even more special with bespoke, stylish packaging making this piece of kit a real wardrobe statement and the stuff of denim dreams.


Speaking of dreaming, when it comes to our dream devices, we want a bigger screen, yet we also want to retain a portable, pocket-sized footprint at the same time. It was a conundrum that seemed unsolvable, until Samsung’s future-focussed engineers created the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold devices.

Boasting the world’s first foldable glass display technology, the device is capable of folding to approximately half the size of a standard flat phone. This means that you get all the features you want out of a high-end smartphone — including a large 7.6 inch flex display — but in a device that easily fits into your pocket, so fussy fashionistas are already one step ahead in their quest to avoid the dreaded bulge.

But while there’s serious form and style, the Flip3 is also packed with serious substance in the form of both the flagship innovation and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Samsung products. Building on the previous models, the third generation of these devices incorporates increased durability, alongside a substantially more affordable price tag, which means consumers get maximum bang for their buck.

Opening up a whole new world of mobile experiences— as well as unique new ways to work, watch, and play — these cutting-edge devices puts powerful performance, foldable glass, and an all-day battery, neatly in the palm of your hand (or in your pocket).


Designed with great photography and video top of mind, the Galaxy Z Flip3 easily rivals any bulky professional DSLR. Built-in quad-cameras allow for both epic stills and cinematic 8k video, plus and a raft of pro functions, including Single Take — a tap and snap feature allowing multiple images and video clips, each with differing effects — give users the best capabilities for capturing and sharing memories.

Indeed, the camera capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip3 have wowed industry heavyweights, including fashion photographer, Pierre Toussaint, who has partnered with Samsung to further expand the brand’s mission to pair functionality with good looks.

One of Australia’s most sought-after snappers, Pierre counts the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Chanel and Versace as clients, and has immortalised an array of the world’s most beautiful women, including Miranda Kerr and Bella Hadid. And now, the acclaimed snapper has applied his skills to capturing the Z Flip Pocket Denim via a collection of stunning images that could easily have leaped straight from the pages of any of the world’s top fashion glossies. Images that show just how perfectly matched these next generation denims and smartphones are. Talk about a perfect fit…

A pair of Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans retail for $1,499 with the Galaxy Z Flip3 included. Coming in both men’s and women’s styles and in various size options, the Z Flip Pocket Denim is available for purchase through Dr Denim's website

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