Samsung recruits The Veronicas
in TikTok search to find Australia’s
next big independent music artist

Singers, songwriters, rappers, beatboxers, popdivas and screaming rock-n-roll frontmen. Australia has a long and storied history of producing world-class musicans and songs that top the global charts. For aspiring artists, it can be hard to crack into the industry – it’s often said, ’it’s not what you know, but who you know‘.

To help give a leg-up to budding Aussie musos, Samsung Galaxy has announced UNDSCVRD, a first-of-its-kind nationwide search for the country’s next up-and-coming recording artist that will also play out as a docu-style series on TikTok in September. But we’re not alone in this search. We’ve teamed up with Aussie pop-rock icons, The Veronicas to help scout for and mentor our contestants through their journey to develop their own original single and accompanying music video.

It’s no secret that Tik Tok has not only changed the way we create, connect and share content with the world around us. It’s also become synonymous with breaking music trends and discovernig new artists and their tracks. Remember the infectious western tune of Old Town Road by Lil Nas X from 2019? It started from a short-form video uploaded on TikTok and turned into a global sensation. It even led to Lil Nas X winning two Grammys and a handful of Billboard awards.

We’re harnessing this power of TikTok to help the world discover just how good our homegrown music artists are!

Our UNDSCVRD artists will be able to bring their own unique sound, creating an original song over four weeks with The Veronicas‘ very own producer, James Angus. Unlike other music competitions, no contestants will be eliminated. They will all leave the competition with their own professionally produced track and music video. Importantly, they will also retain complete ownership of their music masters and associated content.

The series will culminate in an exciting finale live concert event in October, where the contestants will perform their singles and the winner will deliver a three-track set to open for The Veronicas. But the creative process doesn’t just end there. The winner will also go on to release a five-track EP produced by James Angus and supported by artist management and label services specialists Call & Response in the form of marketing and promotion.

Samsung Galaxy stands for innovation, exploration, freedom and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. These are also the things we know are driving the creative processes of artists, constantly looking to transform their sound. UNDSVRD is our way to bring what we do well – connecting Australians through barrier-defying technology – to give rising stars a platform to have their music heard.

From today, budding musicians can apply to enter UNDSCVRD by tagging @UNDSCVRD_artist and #UNDSCVRD in a video on TikTok. Entries may include newly uploaded content or by simply adding these tags to existing videos of a performance.

TikTok users can also go into the running to be featured on the program by participating in a TikTok Duet with one of the acoustic melody videos by The Veronicas, which will also feature on the UNDSCVRD TikTok page.

More information on how to enter UNDSCVRD and Terms & Conditions, can be found at @UNDSCVRD_artist on TikTok.

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