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Introducing the hottest new fashion accessory: the customisable Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

There was a time not long ago when mobile phones served only a few simple functions – sending texts, receiving calls, or helping us catch up on work emails.

Now however, they’re a one-stop-shop that allows us to do everything from paying our bills and streaming our fave TV shows, to listening to tunes and helping us to workout. Our devices these days are almost akin to an extra limb.

As visible as the bags we carry, the clothes on our backs, or the shoes we wear, our smartphones have become not just a necessity, but the ultimate accessory. But, paradoxically, for the most part many handsets haven’t yet managed to fuse both tech and style, instead forcing users to choose between one or the other. Thankfully, with the release of Samsung’s all new Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition, you no longer need to choose.


Possibly the only possession that’s with you all of the time — and definitely the one you interact with the most — Samsung have recognised that our phones can’t be overlooked when it comes to making a style statement.

They’re not just gadgets, but extensions of our personalities. And for style-seekers who want some fashion with their function, the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition is the new go-to.

Already seasoned in fusing fashion with tech, Samsung are constantly developing new technologies to match customers’ needs and preferences, and the latest development is the embodiment of fashion meets phone.

On top of its sleek, iconic flip design and premium features, the newly unveiled Bespoke Edition is also fully customisable, allowing users to pick from a choice of stunning hues to design a look that matches their personality and to create an accessory that’s as unique as they are.


While clothes make up a major part of your outfit, accessories can make or break your look. Which is why — given the omnipresent nature of our devices — it’s crucial that your phone works hard to match your own aesthetic. At Samsung’s Bespoke Studio, consumers can design their Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition by choosing both the front and back colour, as well as the frame, mixing and matching via a 360 preview fea-ture.

With five front and back colours (blue, yellow, pink, white and black) and two frame options (black or silver) consumers can select from one of 49 different crowd-pleasing combinations — combinations chosen by Samsung after researching and testing thousands of different hues and workshopping a raft of current trends — allowing anyone to express their identity through their device.

Once the order is placed, each unit is tailor-made and arrives in special edition packaging with a unique Bespoke Edition wallpaper and Cover Screen, which matches the device’s colours for a fully coordinated look. And when your style evolves — or you’re game for a refresh — it’s easy to change your palette. Customers can also customise their Galaxy Watch4 series with Galaxy Watch4 Bespoke Studio by mixing and matching from a variety of Galaxy Watch4 series colours, sizes, and strap styles, ensuring that both your phone are watch are runway ready.


With many devices consumers are often forced into a decision between style and substance. However, with the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition, you get good looks AND cutting-edge performance.

Built with the same craftsmanship and flagship innovations that is synonymous with Samsung, the future-focussed Flip3 is ushering in a new era in smartphones. And with its slick, stylish design — which include the first-ever folding glass screen on a Galaxy — it’s truly the embodiment of fashion meets phone.

Samsung’s future-focussed engineers have created a screen that opens out into a large 7.6 inch flex display which — when fully opened — transforms into a perfect immersive entertainment and multimedia hub. A hub that allows you to binge your favourite shows, stream YouTube, and play games, all paired with newly-upgraded Dolby speakers.

Packed with Samsung’s newest camera features (including a built-in quad-camera that allows for both epic stills and cinematic 8k video) it easily rivals the photo-taking capabilities of any bulky DSLR. Other breakthroughs include the toughest casing yet — so tough it can withstand accidental drops and scratching — and last, but not least, water-resistance technology, which is available for the first time ever on a foldable smartphone.

Fashion meets form, style meets tech. The Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition proves that a necessity can also be an accessory, and that fashion doesn’t just end with what you wear.

You can design your very own Galaxy Z Flip3 and Watch4 Bespoke Edition at Bespoke Studio exclusively on

Bespoke Studio offers a fun and engaging experience with 360° previews of combinations and ways to download an image of the selections for easily shareable social content.

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