Winter Wellness & Spring Sensitivity

Spring Clean

First thing’s first, regularly vacuum your home. A vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove the majority of the allergen particles from most surfaces.
If it doesn't have a HEPA filter, switch to one that does. They're specially made to trap particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, which means they'll be able to capture most allergens.
The Samsung Jet vacuum range is capable of generating an industry-leading 200W of suction – more than enough power to remove dust and dander from shaggy carpets – the Samsung Jet not only helps users keep their home spotless, but can also help them breathe cleaner air. That’s because the vacuum’s best-in-class 5 Layered filtration system traps 99.999 percent of dust and allergens1 that would likely be released back into the air with other vacuums.
Paired with the Samsung Clean Station you can empty the vacuum without risking releasing any of the dust.
If you’re still struggling, try removing the carpeting and replace it with linoleum, tile, or wood.

Breathe Easy

Help alleviate allergy symptoms and reduce irritation to eyes, nose and throat, by capturing airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibiting the spread of captured bacteria.
Dust Mites These microscopic bugs might be the most common cause of year-round indoor allergies thrive in bedding, carpeting, and the upholstered furniture inside your home.
Samsung’s range of air purifiers all boast a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of ultra-fine dust, smoke, mould, and even inhabits the spread of captured bacteria.
It purifies and deodorises the air using a 3-step purification system, and continually monitors and intuitively displays the real time air quality.

Minimise Mould

We all breathe in mould spores, but for those with an allergy, exposure can trigger sneezing, congestion, and itchiness.
Humid houses are breeding grounds for both mould and mites, so a dehumidifier is your friend.
Samsung’s range of air purifiers are ideal for helping to reduce mould, in addition to purifying and deodorising the air via a 3-step purification system, helping to alleviate allergy symptoms and reduce irritation to eyes, nose and throat, by capturing airborne mould particles.

Pollen Protecting

Spring means blooming blossoms and trees, but also an increase in pollen. Spring is a time when we should be especially mindful of airborne irritants. It’s during this season that, with pollen wafting in the air – not to mention airborne germs and viruses – and allergens like dust mites and pet dander collecting in our homes, air purifiers become all the more important.
For allergy sufferers, air conditioning with air filtration is your friend. Designed to enhance comfort levels in the home, Samsung’s innovative Wind-Free system disperses air gently and quietly through an astounding 23,000 micro air holes and boasts two Tri-Care filters which helps keeps the air you breathe hygienic. Its three layers include a high-density filter that is designed to help extract large dust particles, fibres and even animal hairs. It has a Zeolite Coating Filter that helps capture fine dust, and reduce certain potentially dangerous viruses, bacteria and allergens.
When the Air Conditioner units are turned off, the Auto Clean function automatically runs the fan on low speed for a period of time to dry off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. This keeps the unit dry, minimising the growth of bacteria.

Bedroom Basics
Sleep Soundly

You might have a relatively clean household, but it doesn’t take much to create an environment fit for dust mites. In fact, the average bedroom is often the ideal place for them. Bedding is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites. It’s usually the perfect temperature and humidity for them, and the people curled up at night provide an unlimited food supply.
You spend so much of your time in bed, so it’s vital to allergy-proof your bedroom.
Samsung’s Breathe Easier with the Whisper-Quiet Cube Air Purifier, which is a portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that’s perfect for your bedroom.
Another consideration to vanquish mites is to wash your sheets weekly in hot water — at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit — to kill dust mites, and use hypoallergenic cases for mattresses and pillows to keep dust mites trapped.
Samsung’s smart washers and dryers offer a specially developed Steam Cycle to give your clothes a deep clean with powerful steam cycle to effectively help remove up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria and allergens.

Wardrobe Wise

One step further is Samsung’s AirDresser Clothing Care System for between washes. The AirDresser removes up to 99% of germs and allergens, helping to keep your duds sanitised and clean of up to 99% of certain viruses and bacteria, house mites, allergens, odour causing gases and other harmful substances.

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