Screen appeal — “The Block” stars Kyal and Kara reveal their top tips for creating a gallery feature wall with Samsung’s The Frame

Are you designing your living area and wondering where to place your television? Do you put it next to your favourite art or at the other end of the room with your family photos?

You want to it be accessible, yet you don't want to draw attention to it. Given that TVs have now reached mini-cinema sized proportions, balancing a room with style and functionality can be tricky.

Thankfully, you dont have to compromise between style and your screen with a TV that doesn’t look like a TV. The Frame is a work of art¹ and a cutting-edge QLED Smart TV combined.

Slim and customisable (it’s available in different sizes with frames of different styles and colours) The Frame transforms from a television, to a beautiful artwork gallery, and to a slick photo frame displaying cherished family memories; and all at the push of a button. Plus, a library of 1,400 available works of art will leave even the most demanding of home decorators satisfied.

If you’re looking to transform your living space into a unique and modern space for you and your family — then creating a gallery wall is a great way to do this. To show you how, we’ve deferred to the experts, specifically “The Block” stars and serial renovators, Kyal and Kara. The dynamic design duo offer up their six top styling tips to help anyone create their very own stunning art gallery feature wall using Samsung’s The Frame as its centrepiece.


Firstly, work out what inspires you, what you love, and — most importantly — what you don’t mind looking at every single day! For example, nothing inspires us more than our picturesque Central Coast beaches. We used one of our favourite pictures of our little family down at our fave beach as the inspiration and focal point for our gallery wall. We then used the coastal colour palette as a starting point for theming and selecting the other pieces for the gallery.


Art doesn’t have to be expensive — you can bring a gallery to life in your home without breaking the bank. Try to create artwork yourself, or get your kids to create their own art. If you’re after a fun, family-friendly vibe, bring in some colour with the kids’ handprints and even tea towels that have been framed.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Samsung's Art Store holds over 1,400 curated pieces, so there’s plenty there to help inspire you!¹


Interior design is all about attention to detail. Even small elements, such as the style and colour of the frames you use, can have a visual impact. We love that the Frame’s custom frames come in two different design styles, and in a variety of colours, so you can customise to fit your space.²

Use a light timber frame for a more natural look, or black if your wall is a darker colour. For a more eclectic look, you could mix up the frames on the rest of your artwork and photos. The Frame’s custom colour frames are magnetic, so it’s very easy to swap them around to update your gallery wall’s look.


When it comes to your gallery layout, it all depends on the look you’re after and how relaxed or formal you’d like it to be. For a more casual and relaxed look, try varying the distance each picture is positioned from the Frame. For something more formal, go for a geometric layout. Remember:


When hanging, it’s best to start with your biggest piece — likely the Frame — and then build the rest of the gallery around it. Make sure to position the screen at a comfortable height for TV watching and go from there. We laid our artworks on the floor first to work out a layout, but you can also use painters tape to mark out exactly where each piece will go on the wall before hanging.


And there you have it. What was once a plain lounge room wall is now an art gallery filled with family photos, and fabulous artworks. Given that we’re spending more and more time at home these days, making sure our living spaces are the best they can possibly be is so important. Now, we no longer have a TV, instead we have The Frame — a device that both entertains us, but also helps transport us back to our most cherished family memories.

  • ¹Supplied with 20 artworks. Additional artworks available for purchase or via Art Store subscription. Internet connection required.
  • ²Customisable frame bezels sold separately

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