Five reasons why an Air Purifier
is worth the investment

Chances are, at least one person you know has one or has recommended using an Air Purifier to
you. They are becoming more and more popular, it may be tempting to think that they are simply
a fad that will eventually pass. In reality, these carefully designed products have been created to
greatly improve indoor air quality by effectively eliminating many of the most harmful particles
from your home. These pollutants can include dust, mould spores, pollen, pet hair, and odours,
and they always seem to find a way into your home1.

So who would benefit from an Air Purifier?

If you’re an animal lover

Anyone who has a dog, cat or any animal in their lives know the all too common reality of putting on clean clothes and somehow they’re covered in pet hair… even when you aren’t near your pet! Many people who are animal lovers experience allergies because of the pet dander, hair and fur that are a consequence of living with pets.

An Air Purifier will not only help remove pet hair, dander and odours, but will also help protect your furry friends from some indoor air pollution. Similar to our children, our pets are naturally more susceptible to the effects of poor indoor air2. Some spend more time indoors and all are closer to the floor where dust, toxins and airborne chemicals are in a higher concentration.

If you have loved ones with respiratory problems

Respiratory diseases such as Asthma are unpredictable and certain allergens can immediately trigger an Asthma attack that can make breathing difficult. In Australia, there are 2.7 million who are affected by the disease3 and owning an Air Purifier can help as part of daily allergy prevention methods.

Every single day the average adult on the planet breathes in 11,000L of air4, and then breathes it out. It's not just second hand breath either. The air in our homes is filled with dust, pollen, mould, dog or cat hair, last night's curry and the smell of your kid's socks. Samsung Air Purifiers are designed to filter air of some harmful allergens6 that can trigger attacks and make the air “new”5 again.

The Multi-Layered Purification System takes the old air in your home and helps remove ultra-fine particles including pollen, dust, mould and pet dander, to help fight allergy symptoms. Whilst filtering out household odours and some potentially dangerous gases that can cause irritation. Helping stop the spread of bacteria right there in the filter.6 Independent group CHOICE has been testing and reviewing consumer products for over 60 years to ensure consumers are buying the right products. CHOICE has endorsed Samsung’s AX90T7080WD and AX60T5080WD air purifiers, filling a space of 60-90m2 with clean, fresh air with 3-Way Airflow and Dual Fans to purify fast, far and wide.7

If you have allergies

Not all allergies equate to Asthma, but some allergies can not only be aggravated by airborne particles, such as dust, pollen and dander, but also by airborne chemicals from cleaning products, flooring and furniture. Dust is an irritant and one of the main exposure routes for airborne chemicals.8

An Air Purifier can help to prevent the accumulation of dust on surfaces and can also trap airborne mold spores and inhibit the spread of captured bacteria leaving the air in your home cleaner.

If you have children

Your child's developing immune and respiratory systems don’t work the same as an adult’s. Their metabolisms are sensitive and can't always process chemicals and airborne allergens as efficiently as an adult, and so, they can be more vulnerable to the effects of in-door air pollution.8

Many children also suffer from allergies and asthma which can be aggravated and possibly triggered by airborne particles and certain chemicals. In some cases, children can be more sensitive to things as common as pet hair than their parents, so for families with children and pets under the one roof, an air purifier can be a beneficial addition.

If you live in an apartment

Indoor Air Quality is up to 2 to 5 times, even 100 times more polluted than outdoor air9. So if you don’t get a lot of fresh air flow, it’s a handy way to keep the air clean!

Air Purifiers with HEPA filters are designed to eliminate small particles, Samsung Air Purifiers remove up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛ ultra-fine dust, inhibits the spread of captured bacteria, and removes certain harmful gases⁴ from your home. This includes smoke, certain pollutants and odours. If you are in a small space, your decision to invest in a purifier could make a significant difference to the way you and your family feels.

Find out more about our CHOICE Recommended Air Purifiers here.

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