Back to the Future

How Samsung is helping Aussies beat the lockdown blues with tech-fuelled nostalgia

As lockdowns continue, as state borders close, as families remain parted, and as real-life catchups with friends are relegated to impersonal Zoom ones — many of us are looking to the past as an antidote to the present. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nostalgia has been embraced by Aussies as a mechanism to help counteract feelings of stress and anxiety, and as a way to bring comfort and connection.

This trip through the time tunnel is made even better the second time around with the advantages of modern day technology — tech that helps to bring to life and enhance these nostalgic experiences. From our Instagram feeds and Spotify playlists, to our gaming habits and TV screens; read on to find out how Samsung’s cutting edge tech is bridging the gap between old and new, and helping consumers satisfy their cravings for the comforts of yesteryear.


From Clueless to Charmed, Jurassic Park to Jumanji; when it comes to nostalgia, nothing beats rewatching a beloved classic. And while Blockbuster may be no more, you can still recapture the magic of those movie nights of yore — just without the lacklustre vision and sound quality of the VHS era.

Featuring Quantum Matrix Technology, Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K Smart TV takes your viewing experience to the next level, allowing you to rewatch your fave flicks in the richest colours and crispest sound possible. Cutting-edge features include Neo’s Object Tracking Sound+, which corresponds audio to the movement of objects on screen, SpaceFit Sound, which analyses the TV’s installation environment and outputs immersive sound tailored specifically to the surrounding space, and Active Voice Amplifier, which analyses noise levels in the room and amplifies the on-screen dialogue accordingly, to make sure you never miss a word. While the Motion Rate 200 feature helps you experience smooth, clear motion throughout even the most action-packed of scenes.

With sound and vision this good, it’ll almost feel as though you’re really at the movies. Pass the popcorn!


Cast your mind back to the glossy magazines of the noughties and you’ll recall that every self-respecting A-lister was papped clutching the must-have accessory of the time: a flip phone.

Opulent and stylish, these slick devices — and the satisfying opening and closing ‘snap’ sound they made — have held a special place in our hearts through the intervening two decades. So much so that Samsung have brought these nostalgic devices to a modern audience.

Marrying the flip phone’s old-school charm with modern smartphone capabilities, Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphones are endowed with a swag of wow-worthy features, including Samsung’s innovative folding glass screen, three cameras (front, rear wide and rear ultra-wide), and a hefty battery with more than enough juice to get you through an entire day, making it perfect for all the lockdown-associated Skyping and Zooming.


Whilst being a restricting and uncertain time, ISO has also allowed us to re-capture and re-explore some of our childhood pastimes. Case in point: the surge of people getting their retro game on.

While gaming was obviously a staple pre-pandemic, the multiple lockdowns over the last 17 or so months have seen demand for retro games soar. Whether it’s Final Fantasy, or The Legend of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto or The Sims, classics are being remade with ever-increasing regularity.

But when it comes to experiencing these favourites, contemporary gamers can seriously up the ante with Samsung’s new Odyssey Neo G9 series of monitors. Using Quantum Mini LED Technology the backlit panel that can hit 2,000 nits of brightness, with full-array local dimming for the kind of deeper blacks and convincing HDR. Then there’s the curved monitor featuring an ultra-wide 49-inch display, which means you can pair the nostalgia of the originals with the most immersive gaming experience yet.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Spice Girls wannabe or a Nirvana nut; one consequence of the pandemic — according to recent sociological studies — is that the ongoing lockdowns have seen Aussies hit ‘rewind’, and switch the current music charts for a playlist of 90s bangers. And with the Galaxy Buds Pro, you can hear the tracks of your youth like you’ve never heard them before.

From the highest treble to the deepest bass, crisp studio sound is delivered via powerful 2-way speakers. And thanks to intelligent Active Noise Cancelling (designed to filter out up to 99 per cent of background noise) you can effortlessly control what you want to hear, which means you can easily block out the distractions of the outside world.


Now that we’ve got our ears covered in terms of nostalgic content, what about our eyes? Happy memories results in positive thoughts, which in turn releases endorphins. You can boost these by creating a contemporary version of the bulky photo album from yesterday.

The new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite easily doubles as a digital album, displaying as many pics from the decades as you care to upload. But even better is the tablet’s creative and editing capabilities. Get creative with your old snaps by experimenting with editing and layouts, scribble memories and dates with the stylus, and curate pictures into albums or memory boards — the only limits are your imagination.

Or, go bigger and better by bringing your happy snaps to life on Samsung’s The Frame. A work of art and a next-level QLED Smart TV in one, the Frame turns turns your TV into a top quality photo gallery. A gal-lery in which every nuance and detail comes to life in rich colours and deep contrasts, allowing you to discover the detail in these memories that you likely won’t have noticed before.


Ultimately, nostalgia is an exercise in harking back to the ‘simpler times’. Even post-pandemic, tremendous work pressure and a constant juggling act of commitments, saw most of us craving a return to the untroubled hazy, lazy days of childhood. Back when dinner was miraculously put on the table, clothes were washed, dried and ironed, and beds were automatically made daily. And though we no longer have parents to pick up the slack, Samsung is helping facilitate a return to these simpler times with a range of time-saving devices designed to mimic your mum.

Standouts include the range of smart (and Wi-Fi-connected) washing machines and dryers. Built-in AI uses sensors to tell how much dirt and grime is left on the clothes while they’re washing, and then adjust the amount of detergent, rinse cycles and spin cycles needed. The AI understands and remembers user behaviour and lazy, sorry, we mean ‘time poor’, users can also control settings with their smartphone.

While the new French Door refrigerator collection offers fully-automated features, such as chilled water 24/7 (the water jug actually autofills every time it’s placed back in the fridge), and an ice maker that dispenses whatever amount of ice you need, whenever you need it. And, when it comes to cleaning floors, the Samsung Jet vacuum range is capable of generating an industry-leading 200W of suction – more than enough power to remove dirt from even the shaggiest of carpets. Pair with the Samsung Clean Station and you can empty the vacuum without the risk of releasing any of dust or getting your hands dirty.

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