Millie Bobby Brown's Plans to
Make the World Greener

We interviewed Millie Bobby Brown about her passion for protecting the planet—and how you can play your part, too.

Since the start of her career, Millie Bobby Brown has proven her talents go far beyond acting. As an influencer, entrepreneur and global activist, Millie uses her social media accounts to share her vision for a greener world. In her recent interview with Samsung, she opened up about the role sustainability plays in her life and how she takes local action on global problems—all while inspiring her community to take part with her.

How nature is Millie’s sanctuary

Millie’s busy schedule takes her all around the globe. However, out of everywhere she’s lived, her happy place is her family’s home in the Georgia countryside. Millie finds relaxation in nature’s wide-open spaces, surrounded by her beloved pets. “We’ll often have as many as half a dozen dogs in our house at any time, so we’re always spending a lot of time outside,” she says. “They bring me so much happiness, and it’s a great reminder that we need to show the world’s wild animals love and respect as well—and that includes the environment in which they live.”

How Millie is a friend to planet Earth

Since nature is a big part of Millie’s life, immersing herself in it is a form of self-care. One of the things she does during her downtime? Spend time with her plants. “I absolutely adore my garden,” she says. “Some people might not think it’s creative, because a lot of time is spent stepping back and letting nature do its thing, but it’s incredibly rewarding as a process. Seeing daily growth is nothing short of a miracle!”

On a larger scale, Millie implements her eco-friendly values into her "cruelty-free" beauty brand, which uses plant-based ingredients in its products. This is just one of the ways Millie uses her influence to encourage mindful buying decisions that support the planet.

Reimagine a better planet
The Galaxy for the Planet platform highlights the steps Samsung is taking to create better environmental impact with mobile products by 2025.

How Millie uses a “think global, act local” approach

While the future can feel overwhelming and scary, Millie emphasizes that the little changes can make a big difference. With her “think globally, act locally” mentality, she encourages young people to take action in their own communities, with the idea that the smallest of acts can lead to a more sustainable future over time. Whether that’s composting food waste or cleaning up trash in the community, Millie advises looking to your town or city to determine what steps you can take to help your local environment. “If everyone makes just one small adjustment or contributes one small act of kindness, the combined effect can be enormous,” she says.

How Millie inspires her community

Always one to speak up for what she cares about, Millie uses her Galaxy S21 5G to share resources and amplify the voices of others in her community. “I wouldn’t be able to share my love of the planet and the importance of protecting the environment without technology like my Galaxy S21, so in that sense, I feel very lucky,” she says. According to Millie, one of the easiest ways to understand the global environment problems we face and play your part is by using the Samsung Global Goals app. It takes a simple approach to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals to create a better world by 2030.¹ “If you’re new to the Global Goals or the app itself, my advice would be to start with one goal,” Millie says. “Read as much as you can. Study up and soon you’ll develop an incredible understanding of it. It’s through education that we’ll come up with solutions that have the power to change the world.”

¹Partnership with United Nations Development Programme.

Make strides toward
creating a greener future

Download the Global Goals app on your Galaxy S21 to get educated
and inspired to take action.

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