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Galaxy Mobile Accessibility

Voice Assistant
and Voice Assistant Help

Voice Assistant can act as your eyes when you're using your phone. Its features give you maximal control of your phone even if you can't see it. When Voice Assistant is on, your phone provides spoken feedback to help blind and low-vision users. For example, it describes what you touch, select, and activate. You can also edit text or change various settings such as volume or speech rates through familiar swipe and tap gestures.

Focused on Accessibility Menu Vison Button

Navigating your phone

When you interact with an item on the screen, a rectangular focus surrounds it. You can use tap and swipe gestures with your fingers to control the focus. When you move it around the screen, Voice Assistant will tell you what it is.

  • To hear what's directly under your finger

    tap and drag your finger around the screen.

  • To activate an item

    double tap with 1 finger.

  • To move the focus box to another item on the screen

    swipe left or right with 1 finger.

  • To move to the next or previous page

    dswipe left or right with 2 fingers.

  • dswipe left or right with 2 fingers.

    swipe up or down with 2 fingers.

  • To scroll up or down through screen content

    swipe side to side with 1 finger (left then right to scroll up, right then left to scroll down).

  • To move the focus box to the first or last item on the screen

    with 1 finger, swipe up then down to go to the first item, or down then up to go to the last item.

Voice Assistant Menu

Doing things quickly

Voice Assistant provides shortcuts for frequently used functions. You can change your settings or stop the voice feedback with simple gestures.

  • To change voice assistant settings

    swipe left or right with three fingers to select the setting you wish to change (listed below), then swipe up or down with 1 finger to adjust.
    - Speech volume: Select the volume level for voice feedback
    - Speech rate: Increase or decrease speech rate
    - Punctuation: Include or omit punctuation in voice feedback
    - Dark screen: Turn screen display on or off
    - Large cursor: Turn on or off a thick border around the focus
    - Cursor color: Select the color of the border around the focus
    - Notification: Open or close the notification panel
    - Sound feedback: Turn sound feedback on or off
    - Vibration feedback: Turn vibration feedback on or off
    - Rapid key input: Use the samsung keyboard and the keypad by tapping keys once
    - Focus on speech audio: Reduce the volume of other audio while Voice Assistant reads aloud

  • To adjust the granularity of what Voice Assistant reads

    swipe up or down with 3 fingers to choose from the different granularities listed below, then swipe up or down with 1 finger to implement the selected granularity.
    - Character granularity: Read each character
    - Word granularity: Read each word
    - Line granularity: Read 1 line at a time
    - Paragraph granularity: Read 1 paragraph at a time

  • To start or stop music or videos

    double tap with 2 fingers. This gesture can also be used to answer an incoming call.

Select phrase and Editing Text Popup Menu

Editing text easily

With Voice Assistant, you can just swipe your fingers to copy and paste.

  • To enable or disable selection mode

    double tap and hold with 2 fingers

  • To select characters

    swipe upwards or downwards with 1 finger while selection mode is enabled

  • To cut selected characters

    swipe left with 2 fingers

  • To paste characters

    swipe right with 2 fingers

  • To select all characters

    swipe downwards with 2 fingers

  • To copy selected characters

    swipe upwards with 2 fingers

  • To move the cursor in an input text field

    press the volume up/down keys

  • To move the input cursor to the first or last position

    swipe upwards then downwards or downwards then upwards with 1 finger

Focused on Vision Dark Screen Button

Tailoring Voice Assistant to suit your requirements

Voice Assistant give you various ways to access information.

  • To have voice assistant read aloud the infomation displayed in the status bar

    triple tap with 2 fingers. You also can select the specific infomation you want hear: time, date, battery power, signal strength, Bluetooth status.

  • To have Voice Assistant read aloud the first item to the last item on the screen

    tap the screen with 3 fingers.

  • To hear items on the screen in order after the currently selected item

    double tap with 3 fingers.

  • To hear and copy the last thing voice assistant said

    triple tap with 3 fingers.

  • To go back, cancel, or close a pop-up

    tap with 4 fingers or swipe up then down with 3 fingers.

  • To go to the Home screen

    double tap with 4 fingers or swipe down then up with 3 fingers.

  • To list recent apps

    triple tap with 4 fingers

Navigating through pages and explain the page

Getting started with voice assistant

  • To get a full step-by-step tutorial

    go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Voice Assistant help.

  • To practise the gestures you've learned

    go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Voice Assistant help -> Voice Assistant test pad.

Keyboard Shortcuts Menu

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

  • Go to next item

    Alt + right arrow

  • Go to previous item

    Alt + left arrow

  • Go to first item

    Alt + Ctrl + left arrow

  • Go to last item

    Alt + Ctrl + right arrow

  • Go to next window

    Alt + Ctrl + down arrow

  • Go to previous window

    Alt + Ctrl + up arrow

  • Tap

    Alt + Enter

  • Touch and hold

    Alt + Shift + Enter

  • Go back 1 screen

    Alt + Delete

  • Go to Home screen

    Alt + Ctrl + H

  • Go to Recent apps

    Alt + Ctrl + R

  • Open notification panel

    Alt + Ctrl + N

  • Stop or start voice feedback

    Alt + space bar

  • Perform special actions

    Alt + Shift + space bar

  • Scroll through Quick menu

    Shift + Ctrl + left or right arrow

  • Change Quick menu option setting

    Ctrl + up or down arrow

  • Select next/previous granularity

    Shift + Ctrl + up or down arrow

  • Read from top

    Alt + Ctrl + Enter

  • Read from next item

    Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Enter

  • Show custom actions

    Alt + Ctrl + space bar

  • Search screen for items

    Alt + Ctrl + Slash

  • Read status bar info aloud

    Alt + Shift + S

White background image

Keyboard Shortcuts

Web Navigation

  • Go to next button

    Alt + B

  • Go to previous button

    Alt + Shift + B

  • Go to next control

    Alt + C

  • Go to previous control

    Alt + Shift + C

  • Go to next ARIA landmark

    Alt + D

  • Go to previous ARIA landmark

    Alt + Shift + D

  • Go to next edit box

    Alt + E

  • Go to previous edit box

    Alt + Shift + E

  • Go to next item

    Alt + F

  • Go to previous item

    Alt + Shift + F

  • Go to next image

    Alt + G

  • Go to previous image

    Alt + Shift + G

  • Go to next header

    Alt + H

  • Go to previous header

    Alt + Shift + H

  • Go to next header by header level

    Alt + [number]

  • Go to previous header by header level

    Alt + Shift + [number]

  • Go to next list item

    Alt + I

  • Go to previous list item

    Alt + Shift + I

  • Go to next link

    Alt + L

  • Go to previous link

    Alt + Shift + L

  • Go to next list

    Alt + O

  • Go to previous list

    Alt + Shift + O

  • Go to next table

    Alt + T

  • Go to previous table

    Alt + Shift + T

  • Go to next combo box

    Alt + Z

  • Go to previous combo box

    Alt + Shift + Z

  • Go to next checkbox

    Alt + X

  • Go to previous checkbox

    Alt + Shift + X