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Why would only selective apps be available in Kids Mode?

We want to provide you with the freedom and control to customise which apps your child can use while in Kids Mode.

How many different profiles can parents have in Kids Mode.

You can create up to 6 different child profiles.

Does Kids Mode keep YouTube appropriate for kids?

We would recommend downloading YouTube Kids to your device, setting it up and then adding it to Kids Mode.

You can add the normal version of YouTube to Kids Mode but you will not be able to control what content your child searches for.

What do customers do when they forget the pin to Kids Mode?

You can reset your Kids Mode PIN number with your Samsung Account (if you don't have one, you can use your Google Account).

Just remember your Samsung Account (or Google Account) that you already set up on your device.

When you input the wrong PIN number 5 times, Kids Mode will ask you to log in with Samsung Account (or Google Account).

If you input the right account information, it will let you set a new PIN number for Kids Mode.

Are there more characters for Kids to choose from?

There are the 4 characters that are provided. If you want to get creative you can give Crocro a makeover.

How many different characters are there?

There are 4 colourful and fun characters: Crocro, Bobby, Lisa and Cooki.

Which tablets have Kids Mode?

The latest version of Kids Mode can be installed onto all Samsung Galaxy Tablets except for the Tab E 9.6 which only supports the older version.

Which phones have Kids Mode?

The latest version of Kids Mode can be downloaded on Galaxy Note, S, A and J series devices from 2015 onwards.

What age group is Kids Mode designed for?

Kids Mode is designed for up to 8 years primarily but it is suitable for all ages.

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