Get started

Create your own digital playground on your tablet. In six simple steps, you can have your child learning languages, mastering maths and playing a host of games like never before.

Download app

Step 1

Download the app from Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps.

Open app

Step 2

Open the app using the icon on your tablet’s homescreen.

Set PIN code

Step 3

Set a PIN code to activate child protection controls.

Create profiles

Step 4

Set a profile for your child and enter their name, date of birth and gender.

Set usage limits

Step 5

Set a daily playtime limit and manage what content your child can access.

Enjoy playtime

Step 6

Give your tablet to your child, open Kids mode and let playtime begin.

Get Kids mode

Compatible devices

Will Kids mode work on your device? Check in our FAQ section.

Google Play Store

Download Kids mode to from the Google Play Store and learn and play in a whole new way.