How much laundry can I put in my washing machine?

How much weight your washing machine can handle is based on its capacity. The maximum capacity of your washing machine will be displayed on the bottom right of the control panel. 7kg / 8kg / 9kg are the most popular models.

Select the correct program

You should also make sure that you have selected the correct program for the load you have put in your machine. Refer to your manual to determine the correct load for each cycle for your machine and ensure that the total weight of a wet load does not exceed the maximum capacity for the machine.


You can also read our FAQ to help decide which wash cycle you should use.

Check laundry weight

You can weigh your laundry to get an exact value or estimate it. Bath towels are about 0.75kg each, a full-size bed sheet is about 0.5kg and a large sweatshirt is about 0.5kg. Make sure you're not packing the laundry down. The clothes should be in a very loose pile. If you have to push the laundry down to make room for more, you are overloading the washer.


As a general guide:


  • A small load of laundry is when the drum is 1/3 full.
Small laundry load in washing machine
  • A medium load of laundry is when the tub is 1/2 full.
Medium laundry load in washing machine
  • A large load of laundry is when the tub is 3/4 full.
Large laundry load in washing machine

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