How to change the split keyboard on the Galaxy Fold

When you first use the keyboard on the inner screen, you'll see that it is split. This is so you can easily reach all the keys with the Galaxy Fold open. If you'd prefer the keyboard to use the whole screen or to float above your apps, you can set it to do so in the settings menu.

1 Open the Messages app.
Open the Messages app on the Galaxy Fold
2 Tap the Message icon.
Tap the Message icon in the Messages app on the Galaxy Fold
3 Tap the Keyboard icon to switch between standard and split keyboard.
Tap the keyboard icon in the Messages app on the Galaxy Fold
4 Alternatively, you can tap the Settings icon on the keyboard.
Tap the Settings icon in the Messages app on the Galaxy Fold
5 Tap "Style and layout".

Please note: Depending on the operating system that your device is running, this menu may be labelled differently. On devices running Android 9 Pie, tap "Keyboard layout and feedback".

Tap Style and layout in the Keyboard settings menu on the Galaxy Fold
6 Tap "Modes".
Tap Modes in the Style and layout menu on the Galaxy Fold
7 Select your preferred keyboard layout.
Select your preferred keyboard layout on the Galaxy Fold

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