How to use Shot suggestions

Please note: Shot suggestions is currently only available on the following models:

  • S Series smartphones since the S10
  • Note smartphones since the Note 10
  • A51 and A71

Shot suggestions is an intelligent feature on your smartphone’s camera. It uses machine learning to help you achieve the best photo of whatever you are shooting. 

 How to use shot suggestions  How to use shot suggestions

Shot suggestions is simple to use: it displays a graphic target that directs you towards the ideal photo composition.

In order to use Shot suggestions, you will first have to manually activate it:

1 Open the Camera app
Camera app icon
2 Tap the Settings icon
Settings icon selected in camera
3 Toggle the switch next to “Shot suggestions”
Shot suggestions switch toggled

How to use shot suggestions

1 Open the Camera app
2 Point your camera at what you want a photo of
3 Line up the two circles
4 Take your photo
Lining up two circles with shot suggestions and taking photo in camera app

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