SIM cards and expandable storage on the Galaxy Note10

SIM cards and expandable storage on the Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy Note10 can be used with two SIM cards at once, meaning you can be twice as connected with the one device. The Galaxy Note10+ offers a hybrid SIM port, so you can either add an extra SIM card or a microSD card, depending on your needs. The Galaxy Note10+ 5G only takes one SIM card, but can be used with a microSD card, giving you up to 512GB additional storage. 


Find out more about dual and hybrid SIM cards.

SIM and expandable storage options for the Note 10





SIM options


Expandable storage



Galaxy Note10



Dual SIM






Galaxy Note10+



Hybrid SIM



Up to 512GB



Galaxy Note10+ 5G



Single SIM



Up to 512GB


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