What is 5G and how do I use it?

5G is short for 'fifth generation' and refers to the next generation of mobile networks following 2G, 3G and 4G. For most people, 5G will mean much faster download speeds and less delay between user and network.


To use 5G, you will need a 5G compatible phone and to be connected to a network that offers a 5G connection. 5G is in the process of rolling out across networks and regions within the UK and Ireland, with all 15 of the UK's largest towns and cities having some 5G signal. You can find out more about plans to expand the 5G network from your network provider.

You will need to have a phone capable of connecting to 5G, be connected to a mobile network that offers 5G, and be in an area where 5G has been rolled out.


5G has been rolling out across the UK since 2019, with different networks rolling out 5G at different times and in different areas. 5G requires additional infrastructure to be put in place, and is mostly being rolled out in certain cities with coverage expanding over time.


While 5G is in the early days of deployment, minor disruptions may occur during the LTE-5G handover as networks roll out their service. Samsung is working with mobile operators and will be offering software updates to ensure best performance.


We recommend contacting your network to check when they will be offering 5G and whether this will be in your area. 


Customers initially connecting to 5G networks may experience higher power consumption as the phone processes between LTE and 5G to get the best network performance. As 5G networks continue to evolve, Samsung is working closely with our partners to provide updates for the best 5G user experience. 

If you have a 5G compatible device, are with a 5G enabled network provider and are in a 5G area, you should connect to 5G automatically. If you are not recieving a 5G signal, try turning your device off and then on again.


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