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The Big Game Needs a Super Big TV

Bigger screen. Bigger experience.

Wide view of cozy living room with daylight from out of the window. Super Big TV is hung on the wall. On the screen, a man is enjoying surfing.

Big games deserve a big screen. And what better way to watch the biggest matches of the year than on a Super Big TV? With 75+ inches of screen, these TVs will make you feel like you’re part of the crowd. Whether you prefer QLED or Premium UHD, the biggest Samsung TVs immerse you in the action and take excitement to a new level.

5 men sitting around a mini table with snacks and beverages are watching football game on the large screen TV. Super Big TV is the best big screen TV for sports.

Be swept away by big screen TV

Samsung TVs grow bigger each year, and the slim-bezeled design maximises the screen size. So with Samsung’s big screen TV you and everyone else in the room will feel completely immersed in whatever it is you’re watching.


Bring everything to life with QLED TVs

A QLED screen gives you up to 88-inches of stunning colour and brightness, optimised for vivid visuals and crisp details. So, when you watch your team, Q9’s precise backlight controls will create deep contrast and sharp lines to give you an incredibly lifelike picture. The reduced glare on the screen will also help you watch comfortably day or night—making it even easier to lose yourself in the game.

Hands holding a video game controller and playing a flight simulation game on Super Big TV. Samsung Premium UHD TV with low input lag provides the best gaming experience for players.
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Enjoy crisp and clear action on Premium UHD TVs

When you’re not cheering on the mind-blowing action of the big game, why not brush up your own gaming skills? In Game Mode, your 75- or 82-inch big screen is optimised for super-smooth action, with a variable refresh rate and minimised input lag to keep your TV in sync with the game. And the improved viewing angle means you’ll see the same rich colour and bold contrast even if you swap seats on your sofa.

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A Big Screen TV without eye fatigue or discomfort
Super Big TV from 75 inch to 88 inch has 5-step intelligent upscaling technology; signal analysis, noise reduction, pre-detail enhancement, 4K upscaling and post-detail enhancement.

If you can’t be at the big game, watching it on a Super Big Samsung TV is the next best thing. The QLED and Premium UHD screens show every kick, every move, and every detail in vibrant, dazzling colour. So invite your friends over and prepare to be thrilled like never before.

Feel like you’re there.

Bring the action and excitement straight into your living room.

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