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Washing Machines

Our smarter way to lighten your load.

These days it’s all too easy to become swamped by day-to-day chores. If you have mountains of washing to get through, the cycle seems never-ending. A Samsung Washing Machine could feel like a breath of freshly laundered air. Our range is awash with technology to totally transform wash days. Get loads done, while saving on energy and those bills. Add forgotten clothes to the wash mid-cycle1 . Or whizz through the whites (and darks) in a fraction of the time, while still getting the deepest clean. Whatever your washing needs, our models will take care of them.

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From being kinder to the environment and your wallet, to whizzing through each load or adding to the wash mid-cycle1 , your wash days will be transformed. Plus, selected washing machines come with 5 year parts and labour warranty3 . See which range is best for you.

QuickDrive™ Washing Machines

When only our quietest, fastest, smartest Washing Machines will do.

Just when you think Washing Machines can’t get any better, we bring you our fastest, smartest and most eco-friendly range. QuickDrive™ lets you cut your washing time by up to half2 and still gives you the ultimate clean. Plus, with ecobubble™ and AddWash™ innovations you can wash cooler and add forgotten items mid-cycle.1

SpaceMax Technology

AddWash™ Washing Machines

Add that stray sock to the wash, during the wash.1

Imagine getting every load brilliantly clean on a cool setting? And popping anything in mid-cycle1 – that stray sock, extra softener, or even your hand washing that just needs a rinse. With AddWash™ and ecobubble™ technology, these machines take washing to a whole new level.

Twin Cooling Plus

ecobubble™ Washing Machines

Because laundry shouldn’t cost the earth.

Finally, Washing Machines that help you save on those monthly bills and are good for the environment too. It’s down to ecobubble™ technology which mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that seep into your clothes faster. So you can wash cooler and still get the stains out.

Kitchen fit

Popular Washing Machines

Family Hub™ Fridge Freezer

WW8800 QuickDrive™ Washing Machine

AddWash™, 10kg

Family Hub™ Fridge Freezer

WW6800 QuickDrive™ Washing Machine

AddWash™, 9kg

Slim French Styles and American Styles

WW5500 AddWash™ Washing Machine

ecobubble™, 9kg

One Door fridge

WW5000 Washing Machine

ecobubble™, 9kg

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Large size - 90cm wide and above

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Get a Washing Machine that slips effortlessly into its surroundings.

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If white isn’t right, go for sleek, contemporary graphite.

Key Features

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Half the time on laundry2 , more time for you

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Add to the wash, during the wash1

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Lovely bubbly

1 AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°C.
2 Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5kg 40°C Cotton wash)
3 Available by redemption within 90 days of purchase, t&cs apply.

*Participating retailers. Purchase between 12.02.20 – 07.04.20. £300 cashback amount based on highest cashback value products which are refrigeration models. To claim, and for full terms and conditions, https://www.samsung.com/uk/appliancecashback/