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Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 with Candy Crush Friends logo.

Next-gen power for
next-gen gaming

Every part of the Note10 and Note10 5G has been inspired by gamers. From advanced processors and vapour-chamber cooling to the dynamic AMOLED display, the Note10 and Note10 5G take your passion to the next level and beyond.

Take gaming to a whole new level

Your unbeatable edge

The Note10 and Note10 5G employs exclusive partnerships with top game developers, so you can reap big advantages. It’s a win-win.

Exclusive Candy Crush Partnership

Activate the Friends Saga for Sweet Surprise Boxes, Hungry Yeti Quest AR mode and extra in-game prizes. Plus you can use the S Pen to make Yeti shake his maracas and dance. Sweet!

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 displaying a screen from Candy Crush game.

A unique Yeti skin

To help Yeti strut his stuff, you get a fabulous new costume when you download and activate Candy Crush Friends Saga from the Galaxy Store.

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Candy Crush Friends - representing AR Yeti Maracas.

*Play anywhere with Exclusive AR Yeti Maracas feature.

The phone that’s always game

Your very own magic wand

The Gyro Sensor S Pen is the perfect wand for casting spells. So with a wave or a click, you can control and play magical games like a master wizard. Accio S Pen!

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 displaying a game that makes use of the next gen GPUs and 12GB RAM.

Play hard all day long

The Note10 and Note10 5G maximise game time with a large battery and AI power management. And if you run low, you can use super-fast charging to get back to full power in 30 minutes.

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 showcasing Gyro Sensor S Pen.

Be a smooth operator

Next-gen GPUs and 12GB of RAM mean intense graphics or 3D battles play smoothly. And with ultrafast 5G* and masses of game storage, you’re equipped to take on every challenge.

*Note10+5G model

Immerse yourself in the game

Battle on an epic scale

The ultra-high-resolution cinematic Infinity-O Display delivers stunningly realistic visuals for big-time action.

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 with a gaming scene from Call of Duty.

Dive deep into every game

With its HDR+10 AMOLED display and Dolby* surround-sound speakers, you can totally lose yourself and become part of the game.

*CR Dolby Laboratories

Boss the battlefield

Our exclusive Call of Duty partnership lets you play at 60FPS for more accurate targeting. You can also pay a visit to the quartermaster for exclusive weapon and character upgrades, and enjoy healthy in-game currency discounts* that take your gameplay to the next level.

*Participating countries

Command the action with Game Launcher

Play the way you want

Game Launcher is the ultimate control centre for the ultimate gaming experience.

Everything at your thumb-tips

Game Launcher brings all your games together in one place, and new downloads are automatically added to your library.

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 displaying Game Launcher options.

Control the game

Now you can customise your play settings, optimise battery life, live-stream the action and even block non-essential interruptions. Result!

Record every victory

Bring your live streams to life. Capture on-screen action, add picture-in-picture reactions, audio commentary or annotate scenes with the S Pen.

Up your game

Real-time gaming with 5G

Game wherever, whenever, in real time.

With 5G connectivity, the Galaxy Note10 5G will change the way you game. Experience virtually no lag time and latency, allowing you to see crisp, clear and smooth graphics at all times.

PlayGalaxy Link

Play anywhere, anytime

Front view of Samsung Galaxy Note10 mirroring a screen from Windows PC using Galaxy Play Link.


Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G


Galaxy Note10
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black

Screen size

Galaxy Note10 6.3”
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 6.8”


Galaxy Note10
  • 4G
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • 4G
  • 5G

Front Camera

Galaxy Note10 Selfie Camera
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Selfie Camera

Rear Camera

Galaxy Note10
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
  • DepthVision Camera

Battery Capacity*

Galaxy Note10 3500mAh (typical)
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 4300mAh (typical)


Galaxy Note10
  • 8GB
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 12GB


Galaxy Note10
  • 256GB
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 3500mAh and 4300mAh (typical) refers to the typical value of the battery capacity as tested under third-party lab conditions. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3400mAh for Galaxy Note10 and 4170mAh for Galaxy Note10+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.

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