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S Pen

Close up of the top of blue S Pen, showing the silver click-top

Unparalleled, S Pen defines the Note experience

Redesigned to put more power at your fingertips

Our most advanced S Pen yet. With an elegant, unibody design, it follows your movements, and writes, draws and controls longer.

Top part of blue S Pen and lower part of black S Pen. Each one moves towards the center to show more of the pen

Bluetooth enabled

S Pen is now your remote control

Remote control turns your clicks into action

With a click, navigate a presentation, play and pause videos or snap a photo — all with the S Pen.1

Woman standing in front of of a wall with an illustration on it holding S Pen

Air actions give you intuitive control with a wave of your hand

We re-engineered S Pen to match your movements, allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures.2

Image of the S Pen to use with the Note 10
Front camera

Move S Pen clockwise or counterclockwise to change the camera angle and capture a close-crop group shot or the whole scene.

A hand holding blue S Pen that moves clockwise. The selfie of three friends in a park changes from close-crop to the full view, simulating how you can change camera modes on the Front Camera
A woman wearing black running clothing crouches on the pavement smiling and pointing towards the camera. Behind her, a man wearing black running base layer leggings, red shorts and a grey top smiles with his arm around the shoulders of a woman wearing dark blue running leggings and a light blue sports top. Behind them is a public park with pavements, trees and grass.
Left hand holding a Blue S Pen in front of a black background with animated yellow down and up arrows.

Turn up the sound by gesturing up. Lower the sound by gesturing down — no need to touch the volume key.

A hand holding blue S Pen that moves up and down. The volume GUI shown overlaid on an album cover goes up, showing the volume being turned up by S Pen

S Pen Tools

Redesigned to unleash your creativity

Text export turns your handwriting into text instantly

Jot down your thoughts then simply tap, turning your project notes into readable text you can copy, paste and share.3

Close up of Galaxy Note10 plus screen and blue S Pen writing Stop talking Start making. The image pulls out to reveal the full phone and the handwriting is turned into text, demonstrating the Text Export feature

*The actual text export function may require some processing to turn writing into text.

As natural as putting pen to paper

Redesigned to be customised, Samsung Notes lets you adjust your S Pen settings like ink colour and thickness, and save your favourites.

Illustration with the Samsung Notes Zoom GUI overlaid on top. It zooms in on the image as the zoom percentage goes up

Screen off memo is ready when you need it

Pop out the S Pen to use Screen off memo. Write and draw in a variety of colours. Then save your screen to Samsung Notes or pin it to the Always On Display.

Galaxy Note10 plus seen in landscape mode with the Screen off memo onscreen and a blue S Pen writing on the screen.

AR Doodle puts your artistic vision in a new dimension

Draw in 3D with AR Doodle and S Pen. Your creations can track your face and the space around you for eye-catching videos.

*Available only in the native Camera app.

AR Doodle video shot on Galaxy Note10 plus of a woman in a park with animated music notes overlaid on top


Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G


Galaxy Note10
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black

Screen size

Galaxy Note10 6.3”
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 6.8”


Galaxy Note10
  • 4G
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • 4G
  • 5G

Front Camera

Galaxy Note10 Selfie Camera
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Selfie Camera

Rear Camera

Galaxy Note10
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
  • DepthVision Camera

Battery Capacity*

Galaxy Note10 3500mAh (typical)
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 4300mAh (typical)


Galaxy Note10
  • 8GB
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G 12GB


Galaxy Note10
  • 256GB
Galaxy Note10+ | Note10+ 5G
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 3500mAh and 4300mAh (typical) refers to the typical value of the battery capacity as tested under third-party lab conditions. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3400mAh for Galaxy Note10 and 4170mAh for Galaxy Note10+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.

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