Washing Machine Maintenance: tips to keep your machine running smoothly

Some of the most common washing machine problems, such as draining issues, can be prevented by regular maintenance. Fortunately, basic washing machine maintenance doesn’t require expert knowledge or a lot of time. The below tips will help keep your machine running smoothly.

1 Use the Eco Drum Clean cycle

Eco Drum Clean is an eco-friendly cleaning cycle designed to remove detergent residue and build up. The Eco Drum Clean cycle should be run every forty washes. To use the Eco Drum Cycle, press the Power button, turn the cycle selector to 'Eco Drum Clean', then press the Start/Pause button.

2 Keep the filters clean

Clogged filters can lead to drainage and water problems. These will show on your machine as 4E/4C and 5E/5C errors. We recommend cleaning your mesh filter at least once or twice a year, and cleaning your debris filter five or six times a year.

3 Clean your detergent drawer

Cleaning your detergent drawer regularly will remove any detergent or fabric conditioner residue. Build up of soap or conditioner may cause the drawer to leak.

4 Remove damp clothes immediately after the wash

Leaving damp clothes in the drum for long periods increases moisture and mould build-up. Leave the door ajar for fifteen to twenty minutes after the wash to allow air to circulate.

5 Take care with small objects

Check your pockets for foreign objects such as hair clips or coins before adding washing to the machine. You should also check the door seal of your machine regularly for foreign objects or to check for stains.

Use a fine laundry net for small items such as socks or gloves as they may become caught around the door, and for machine-washable bras as the metal parts of the bra may break through the material and damage your laundry or machine.

6 Use the correct load

Overloading the machine may stop your laundry from washing properly, unbalance the machine (UE error), and reduce spin efficiency. Take particular care when washing heavier or bulkier items such as towels or bedding. A full load of laundry is when the drum is two thirds full. There needs to be adequate space in the drum for the water and for the laundry to move around.

Loading the machine incorrectly may lead to balancing or spinning issues.

7 Reduce noise and vibration

Ensure your machine is kept level, as this will reduce vibration and noise.

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