How do I edit videos and images taken with my Gear 360?

Images and videos taken on the Gear 360 can be edited through the Gear 360 ActionDirector program. This is a specialised program that has been designed for use with the Gear 360.

Once you've dowloaded the program you will be asked to enter your product key. Your product key can be found on a sticker provided with your Samsung Gear 360 manual. If you cannot find your product key, please contact Samsung Support or visit your closest Samsung Service Centre. There may be a fee for replacing your product key.

Download the Gear 360 ActionDirector program here

System requirements

System requirements



Operating system

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista

64 bit OS for 4K video editing

Mac OS X 10.10 or later

Screen resolution

1024 X 768, 16-bit colour

1280 X 800, 16-bit colour


Optimised for CPUs with MMX/SSE/SSE2/3DNow!/3DNow! Extension/HyperThreading/AVX2 technology

SD video; Intel Pentium or AMD A4 or faster

Full-HD video: Intel Corei5/7 or AMD A8 or faster

4K video: Intel Corei7 or AMD FX or faster

4K H.265 video: Intel Core i7 2.6GHz or faster

Live broadcasting: Intel Core i7 6th generation 2.6GHz or faster

Graphics card

ATI/AMD: Radeon HD 2000 series or above

NVIDIA: GeForce 8000 series or above

Intel GMA X3100 or above

512 MB VGA VRAM or higher

ATI/AMD: Radeon HD R5 series or above

NVIDIA: GeForce GTS/GT series or above

Intel HD Grahics 5500 or above

512 MB VGA VRAM or higher

2 GB DDR memory or above


3 GB memory or above for 32 bit OS

6 GB memory or above for 64 bit OS

4 GB memory or above

Hard disk space

2GB for installation

2GB for installation

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