How to use Secure Folder on my Galaxy J6+

Secure Folder allows you to keep your private files, images and apps in a separate secured folder. Transfer content in and out of the Secure Folder to manage and protect your data as you wish.


You can also create multiple accounts for the same app to keep your personal and professional data separate.

Apps page

Once in the Secure Folder app: 

1 Tap “Lock” to create and set a lock method (PIN, password, pattern).
2 Select “Add apps” to select apps to add to the folder.
3 Click “Add files” to select files to add to the folder.
4 Touch “Edit apps” to disable or hide apps inside the folder.

You can also customise the app icon and name:

1 Tap the more options icon.
2 Select “Customise icon”.
3 Enter a new app name.
4 Select the new app icon.

You can hide Secure Folder in your Settings.

1 Open “Settings”.
2 Select “Biometrics and security”.
Select Biometrics and security
3 Tap “Secure Folder”.
Tap secure folder
4 Enter your PIN, password or pattern.
5 Swipe to deactivate "Show Secure folder".
6 Tap "Hide".

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