What are scalable audio codes and UHQ (Ultra High Quality) audio options?

Galaxy smartphones and tablets offer Ultra High Quality (UHQ) audio which upscales the audio quality you experience when listening via Bluetooth so that it is closer to the original sound.

What are scalable audio codes?

Samsung's proprietary technology known as scalable codec analyses your device's surroundings to detect Wi-Fi inference. It then automatically adjusts the bitrate dynamically to reduce audio chopping. The optimised sound can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to your earphones. 

What is UHQ audio?

UHQ audio estimates and recovers the loss in audio quality experienced during playback of CDs, MP3 or video streaming. It then converts it automatically so that the sound you hear is closer to the original sound.

Ultra-High-Quality audio improves sound quality by reducing the deterioration experienced during playback

Please note: UHQ Audio is supported by the following devices: Galaxy Z-Flip, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note Series (Note5 – Note10), Galaxy S Series (S6 – S20), Galaxy C Series, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy J Series, Galaxy M Series, Galaxy Tab S Series, Galaxy Tab A Series, Galaxy Tab Active.

To experience scalable codec and UHQ audio for yourself, find out how to connect Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds+ to another device.

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