Samsung Premium UHD TV 2018

Enjoy a Premium Experience on Samsung Premium UHD TV

Aug 23. 2018

You may have heard about Ultra HD (UHD) TVs. Four times as many pixels as full HD, 4K UHD TVs are known for giving you a nice, clear picture. So what are Samsung’s 2018 Premium UHD TVs? And what makes them premium? Well, we’re here to show exactly how the combination of precise color, sharp detail, and smooth design and motion make Premium stand out.

Samsung Premium UHD’s Dynamic Crystal Color presenting 1 billion shades of brilliant and vivid color

Be captivated by 1 billion breathtaking colors

Premium UHD’s Dynamic Crystal Color gives you 1 billion shades of brilliant, vivid color.* The subtle distinction between each shade gives you a picture so rich and lifelike you feel like you’re right in the middle of your favorite show. And even if the picture gets brighter, you see the same intense color and detail.

Samsung 2018 Premium UHD TV: Picture Quality

Enhance your game in Game Mode

HDR10+ creates bold contrast that is optimized within each scene, creating incredibly detailed images with deep blacks and pure whites—making Premium UHD the go-to TV for gaming. With reduced input lag and a variable refresh rate, Game Mode’s super smooth gameplay means you won’t miss your character’s movements.

Samsung 2018 Premium UHD TV: Game
  • A man is holding One Remote of Samsung Premium UHD TV to use Voice Assistant
  • Two people are watching Samsung Premium UHD TV together and one of them is holding One Remote of Samsung Premium UHD TV to use Voice Assistant for hands-free content searching

Engage with a smart TV

Use Voice Assistant for hands-free content searching, playing, or weather updates. Then look through consolidated broadcast and streaming content with Universal Guide, and even get notified when your weekly sitcom is on. And of course, you still have One Remote to control your multiple devices and the Auto Detection you’ve grown to know and love.§ With a TV so smart, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

6 people watching Samsung Premium UHD TV together from different angles on the couch

Watch sports from different angles

Whether you’re watching baseball from one end of the couch or the other, you can see all the action clearly. Minimized color distortion and a wide viewing angle keep colors and details consistent. So you and your friends can enjoy watching home runs together.

Samsung 2018 Premium UHD TV: Sports

Simplify your space to focus on the screen

Samsung’s Clean Cable Solution cleans up your living room or bedroom by tucking away cables and wires through the base of the TV. The clean, modern design frees you from clutter and lets you focus on more important things, like what movie to watch tonight.

Samsung 2018 Premium UHD TV: Easy Set-Up

Premium UHD TV has the looks, the picture, and the action you crave. Whether you’re an avid movie, sports, or game fan, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and experience the incredible color and detail for yourself—with Samsung premium UHD TV, you’re in for a sensational experience.

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  •   The purpose of this post is to compare between Samsung 4K TV models.
  • *  Dynamic Crystal Color is not available on 49-inch models.
  •   Input lag may vary depending on model, streaming source, and network.
  •   Service may vary depending on region. Visit for more information.
  • §  Auto Source Recognition, Auto Detection, and controlling functions may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV. Visit for more information.
  •   The ‘Clean Cable Solution’ refers to a single, cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.