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What is QLED TV?

Want to know the meaning of QLED TV and how it works? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is QLED technology?

QLED TV is a Quantum dot LED TV. Quantum dot technology is what makes these types of television differ from conventional LED TVs.

What’s a QLED TV and a Quantum dot?

Quantum dots are manufactured nanocrystals that consist of ultra-fine semiconductor materials. The purpose of a quantum dot is to produce different colours of light depending on the size of the particle at that very moment. A larger particle will skew towards appearing as a red colour and the smaller the particle the more blue it will appear.

Quantum dots are able to emit precise coloured light because particle sizes adjust at quantum-level velocities, resulting in accurate and efficient light emissions. This is the main reason why QLED technology is synonymous with tremendous improvements in overall picture quality.

What is a Quantum Processor?

A Quantum processor uses machine learning and AI to upscale lower definition picture content to 4K or 8K quality, giving a greatly enhanced viewing experience. The Quantum processor allows for even more precise control over backlight dimming, greater distribution of brightness and a boost to black detail. This means that the brighter parts of the TV are even brighter, whilst the darker areas of the screen are able to display greater details, giving improved visibility at both ends of the spectrum.

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What's special about QLED TVs?

QLED TVs take advantage of the many unique characteristics that Quantum dots offer such as "high luminance". Luminance refers to how bright a screen looks and that brightness is an important factor affecting other elements of image quality. First, the contrast ratio is naturally improved when brightness is higher. When bright and dark representations of videos and images can be widely expressed, it's known as HDR (high dynamic range). This HDR, which is an essential component of picture quality, is enhanced further providing crisp and rich images.

The effect of brightness on overall colour quality is simple. For example in the red colour spectrum there is a range of bright and dark reds, but QLED TVs express this range of colours better. This unique QLED technology, along with other black implementation technologies such as Direct Full Array, provides stand-out picture quality.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

QLED and OLED are two different display technologies and both are used in premium Samsung televisions. Standalone OLED TVs tend to have better contrast and colour accuracy, deeper blacks and wider viewing angles. Whilst QLED TVs tend to have a higher peak brightness, a long lifespan and are well suited to brightly-lit environments.

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What is the best QLED TV?

Our top-of-the-range QLED TV is the 65" QN900C Flagship Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV With the highest density of Quantum Mini LEDs it creates the most detailed TV picture yet. Each QLED is controlled with intense precision to create inky blacks and exceptional levels of contrast, to achieve the highest levels of brightness.

This top model also offers the finest 8K picture quality for a fully immersive and cinematic viewing experience. Featuring Samsung’s most intelligent processor to date, it automatically learns scene-by-scene to optimise the brightness, amplify the contrast and enhance objects to their best. Plus, it upscales the resolution to incredible 8K even if it wasn’t filmed that way.

With edge-to-edge cinematic viewing, Dolby Atmos sound and pro Quantum Matrix technology, it’s the ultimate Samsung QLED TV.

To achieve the greatest viewing and listening experience, our QLED TVs go hand-in-hand with Samsung Q-Series Soundbar. The elevated cinematic surround sound will place you in the heart of the action as you will hear the sound coming from every direction when connecting a soundbar to your Samsung TV. Equipped with Amazon Alexa voice assistant, it really is a great amalgamation of smart technology and entertainment at its core.

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