TV buying guide 2016 checklist

TV Buying Guide 2016

Apr 29. 2016

TV is more than just an appliance. Over the decades, it has become the heart of the home, where friends and families gather to connect and share moments. When choosing such an essential centerpiece for your home, it’s necessary to stay up-to-date with all the current technological developments and trends. High resolution TV technology advances so rapidly that it can be challenging to keep up. So we’ve developed a checklist to help ensure you know what to consider when buying your next TV.

A. How to select the best screen size for your home.

Right size TV for your home

Do you know what the right size TV for your home is?

Most people planning to purchase a new TV, first investigate screen size. The full immersion of viewing a large, high resolution TV is an alluring addition for any living room. But there are many things to consider to ensure you get the best viewing experience. According to a third-party 4K TV review, advancing technology is creating a shift in the optimal viewing distance.2 Older technology was meant to be viewed from a greater distance so that your eyes couldn’t detect the scan lines. However today, if you sit too far, you will miss some of the high definition detail. Sit too close, and your eyes begin to separate the pixels. The better the pixel quality, the closer you can sit to a larger screen. Full HD can be enjoyed from a closer viewing distance than HD, and UHD can be viewed without sacrificing detail even closer to the screen.

high resolution TV screen


Are you considering getting a bigger screen?

If you are looking for a bigger high resolution TV screen, focus your search on a UHD TV. Viewed from the same distance as smaller Full HD TVs, UHD TVs offer a higher density of seamless pixels, resulting in reduced eye strain. When you compare the resolution of UHD TVs (previously known as 4K) with conventional FHD TVs, the difference in image quality is noticeable. FHD displays have 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, whereas UHD TVs have a remarkable pixel count of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels.

A 4K TV review from Rtings suggests that for a 50 inch Full HD TV, the screen is best viewed from a distance measuring between two meters and just under three meters. Closer than two meters, however, it’s best to choose a smaller TV or upgrade to a UHD TV. Otherwise, you could notice that your eyes will begin to separate the pixels, causing eye fatigue. A 50 inch UHD TV can be viewed comfortably from as close as a meter away. For a large 85 inch UHD TV, the optimal viewing distance measures between 1.6 meters and about 3.3 meters.4

B. What is the best display technology for an optimal viewing experience?

the latest display technology

Are you up-to-date with the latest display technology?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing your next TV. Different display technologies offer various benefits when it comes to picture quality, design, life span and affordability. LED (short for LED-backlit LCD TV) display technology is currently meeting consumer needs in both quality and affordability. As a leader in the LED TV market, Samsung has improved its LED technology further by integrating Quantum dot technology into its new Samsung TVs. This technology offers viewers the most immersive TV viewing experience available. Quantum dot displays emit truly lifelike colors on high resolutions TVs, ensuring advanced picture quality.According to a recent 4K TV review that included Quantum dot display, this groundbreaking technology increases the color gamut of LCD displays by 40-50 percent.5 LED TVs also make the eye-catching trend of incredibly slim, new curved TVs possible.

Do you enjoy watching TV in a sunlit room but worry about surface glare?

Many now watch TV in a well-lit room, with less and less people watching TV in the dark. If your high resolution TV is equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR), it increases the level of luminance of your display. This means that you will see every detail in the brightest brights and darkest darks, even when viewing in a brightly lit room. All of 2016 new Samsung TVs offer advanced HDR 1000, reaching over 1000 nits of brightness on a 10-bit panel.

Many love to relax in a sunny room to enjoy TV shows and movies, but this can inhibit your viewing experience. Due to surface glare, images can be distorted. Ultra Black filter technology used in new Samsung TVs, channels the light in your high resolution TV to reduce glare on the display. So even when sitting in a sunlit room, you can still experience every minute detail on your new Samsung TV without any distractions from reflections.

Do you know the expected lifespan of your TV?

According to Gigaom, a technology research company, people typically replace TVs every seven to eight years.6 Research from the Leichtman Research Group shows that over 80 percent of American households own at least 1 HDTV, and that over 50 percent have more than one HDTV.7 As technology allows for longer life span of TV displays, more households can add new displays, rather than only replacing outdated ones. Quantum dot technology used in new Samsung TVs are resistant to impurities and defects. SUHD, the new Samsung TVs, are investments that elevate the viewing experience, and creating space for friends and families to gather.

Do you want to check if your TV is cadmium free?

Families spend a lot of time together in the living room, around the TV. It’s important to be aware of any potential hazardous effects found in the materials used in your TV. Cadmium is found in some Quantum dot TVs, and has been flagged as potentially harmful. However, new Samsung TVs with Quantum dot technology are cadmium-free, making them environmentally friendly and safe for your family.

C. How to make your TV an extension of your design style.

home décor placing TV

Do you want simple, timeless design?

When you design your home, there are many aspects to consider in order to utilize your space effectively and beautifully. Some home décor trends recommend placing your TV in the center of the room, as opposed to against a wall, which has been the traditional style. Placing your TV in the center of your space can be an efficient way to take advantage of the outer space. To help you achieve this look, the new Samsung TVs was designed to contribute to the beauty of its surroundings, without being a distraction. The back of the SUHD TV is sleek and simple, made of elegant metal. No matter where you set it up, the new curved TV will look stylishly sharp from any angle due to its seamless, clean-back design. Experience 360 degrees of design perfection. The current trend in furnishings revolves around an aesthetic or curved, rounded lines, from sofas and tables to your TV. Samsung SUHD TV has a sleek, curved surface to complement all other on-trend pieces in your home. The curved display with an attractive back, makes a TV stand a great option for your new Samsung TV. Current innovative TV stand designs include a tripod style stand. The tripod stand is good for anyone who wants an open design look for their space, with the TV standing freely. No need to worry about your view being obstructed when it’s a tripod stand. Appearing to be floating, the new Samsung TV creates a truly immersive viewing experience, free of distractions.

Wall-mounting TV

Do you want more design space?

Wall-mounting a TV can save a lot of space, making it a good choice for designing an open interior. On the wall, the TV is visible from the sofa or any other favorite location, but it is off the floor and does not take away from the flow of the space. Even new curved TVs can be mounted on the wall. Your new Samsung TV will be eye-catching, no matter how you choose to display it.

D. How to maximize your TV usage.

smart TV

Do you think smart TV is challenging to navigate?

Previously, when you wanted to access streaming content on your TV, you would have to connect a PC with a multitude of complicated cables to your TV. Luckily, Smart TV technology has advanced in such a way that accessing streaming services is more convenient and uncomplicated because there is no need to connect a PC. A single access point and single remote give users access to multiple live broadcast, VOD, OTT and game services from the new Smart Hub interface. Interacting with smart TV functions couldn’t be any easier with these innovative features of new Samsung TVs.

Do you use other devices, like a DVD player or gaming console with your TV?

According to Samsung CMI Report (Nov 2015), American households have an average of 2.8 devices connected to a TV. That’s a lot of unsightly cables and more than one complicated remote control. But with SUHD TV, this is no longer an issue. Using your smart TV is a breeze. Samsung Smart Control remote, produced in collaboration with Samsung’s partners, allows users to control TV-related devices such as set-top boxes, OTT boxes, audio equipment and game consoles, right from one remote. SUHD TV is so smart that it can automatically detect what devices are connected, no more toggling between devices to find the right one, with the new Samsung TV.

Do you enjoy gaming on your TV?

Whether you are a console or non-console gamer we cater to you on your SUHD TV. Samsung will offer more than 500 games this year through its partnerships with Gamefly and PlayStation™, currently available in 43 countries. Gaming has never felt more realistic than on the high resolution TV with UHD picture quality, immersing you right in the game.

Buying a new TV can be an overwhelming task, but you can make an informed decision when using this TV buying guide. When you work consider every part of the checklist it becomes clear that there is one new Samsung TV that stands out – Samsung SUHD TV. From picture quality, elegant design and smart functions, it truly enhances your TV viewing experience at home.

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