What is Screen Burn?

By Michael on 7th Nov, 2016

What is Screen Burn?

Many of us have experienced the permanently ‘burnt-in' image on a TV screen, though it's an issue known by a range of different names. Regardless of whether you call it burn-in, ghosting, screen burn or image burn, we can all agree that it can be an expensive and tricky issue to solve.

Luckily, screen burn is one issue that you don't have to worry about with Samsung's range of Quantum dot TVs. We're so confident that you'll never see screen burn damage that we're offering a 10-year warranty on new TVs*.

How is it caused?

Screen burn can occur if a still image is present for a period of time, causing the pixels to create a ghost-like imprint that remains even after the on-screen content has changed or moved. On average, we each watch up to three and a half hours of TV a day in the UK, and once you factor in time spent gaming (which for some of us can be up to another three hours), there's a chance that the images on your screen could be there forever. Programmes that feature a lot of static visuals such as news tickers, channels with logos in the corner, sports scores and games with fixed visuals are the main culprits of this issue.

This is screen burn-in

What technologies does it affect?

Some technologies are more vulnerable to screen burn than others, so it is worth checking user manuals to see how warranties are affected if the screen is left with a still image – even if for as little as an hour. It is especially important for Ultra HD Premium screens to be covered against screen burn considering the level of colour and brightness these TVs can display. Quantum dot technology ensures Samsung achieves the highest number of Ultra HD Premium certified screens.


What about Quantum dot technology?

Fortunately, Samsung's new range of SUHD Quantum dot TVs actually surpass Ultra HD Premium standards, and without being susceptible to screen burn. That's particularly impressive when you consider that Quantum dot TVs have 64 times more colours than conventional UHD TVs, and achieve 1,000 nit brightness levels with HDR 1000. Put simply, they display Ultra HD Premium content exactly as the creator intended. Whether you're enjoying cloud-based gaming, watching sports or viewing movies for any period of time, you can therefore be confident that your screen won't be damaged. In fact, we're so proud of the groundbreaking technology on our new TVs that we even offer customers a 10-year screen burn warranty .

Where to next?

Find out more about our range of SUHD Quantum dot display TVs today.

*From participating retailers with TV registration within 90 days of purchase at www.samsung.com/uk/screen-burn/