Tips & Trikx: Get creative in the kitchen

Real-time recipes, plant-based décor and a taste of the Caribbean; Samsung KX reveals five kitchen tips and ‘triKX’ to try at home.

1) Blooming tables

Families are eating together more than ever, so why not brighten mealtimes with some home-grown table décor? A great way to keep kids busy and encourage an interest in nature by hand-picking flowers straight from the garden or growing at home - a perfect mini project.

2) Recipes at the ready

Planning a menu for the week ahead can help strip back food waste and save time on shopping, though daily meal inspiration can be tricky. The Samsung Family Hub™ Fridge Freezer partnership with Whisk offers a range of exciting, personalised recipes. Using the built-in camera, the fridge recommends meals based on the ingredients available, as well as the go-to dishes that families loves most.

A plate of food with a black noodles, peppers, carrots in a stir fry and a pair of dark blue chopsticks, on a green woven mat

3) Frozen feasts

Prepping and freezing meals is a great way to save money and cut back on hours spent over the stove. From frozen soups to pasta sauces, simply prepare dishes in bulk, split into freezer-bags and store away until they are ready to be used.

A fridge freezer in a kitchen, with the lower half open displaying the food contents inside

4) Staycation sorbets

Families can bring a touch of the Caribbean to their kitchens with exotic homemade sorbet lollies; a fun and easy way to keep kids occupied. Parents can get little ones to choose their favourite exotic fruits, then supervise whilst they pop in a blender with ice, yoghurt and fruit juice, ready to pour into lolly trays for freezing. A few hours later, the frozen treats will be ready to enjoy.

5 unwrapped ice lollies sit on a kitchen surface alongside ice cubes

5) Capture the flavour

Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing dishes and inspiring others to get creative in the kitchen. Snapping stunning shots doesn’t have to be difficult! Foodies can try adding garnishes of contrasting colours to help make the hues of different dishes pop.

A chef-standard looking plate of food sits on a black plate, with a black background

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