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Get the most out of your Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold inside Leather Cover in black, folded seen at an angle from the hinge side, against black and white type treatment that says Fold.


Convenient devices easily pair with your phone to keep you connected.

Close-up image of Galaxy Watch Active seen from the side.

Galaxy Watch Active helps you be healthier every day by tracking activities and easily pairing Galaxy Fold 5G with a beautifully streamlined design.

*Sold separately. Model and colour availability may vary depending on country or carrier.

Galaxy Buds are included with Galaxy Fold 5G for a totally cordless sound experience, connecting easily to control your music and calls with a touch — and recharging wirelessly, too.

*Included in box with Galaxy Fold.


Protection with outstanding style

Close-up of Galaxy Fold slightly unfolded in Leather Cover in black.

Leather Cover wraps your phone in luxury with your choice of colours in premium calfskin leather.1

*Sold separately. Model and colour availability may vary depending on country or carrier.

Slim Cover with Aramid Fiber comes with Galaxy Fold 5G, protecting the exterior with a lightweight yet highly durable material.1

*Included in box with Galaxy Fold.

Samsung KX

Experience the Galaxy Fold 5G at Samsung KX

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