Is my money and data safe with Samsung Pay+?

Samsung Pay’s innovative Knox technology delivers a layer of defence-grade security to protect customers’ finances. This is delivered through user authentication such as intelligence IRIS and fingerprint scanning. Plus, tokenization adds an extra layer of security. Tokenisation creates a random set of numbers at each new transaction so your real card number is never used from your phone. 

Please block your card in the Curve app and contact Curve immediately, as Curve will be able to block your account and prevent any unauthorised activity.

As soon as you flag to Curve that you've lost your device, we'll block your account so there is no risk of unauthorised transactions. We'll also reissue you with a new Samsung Pay+ number so your linked payment cards will stay safe.


You'll have to confirm some security questions for us to help you get access to your Curve card again, and to be able to re-add your Samsung Pay+ to Samsung Pay once you have a new device.

It depends on your case. Please contact Curve Support as soon as possible so that we can advise you.


It's most likely that you won't be able to add your old Samsung Pay+ details if it has already been reissued. We deactivate cards that might have been compromised to keep your account and linked payment cards safe. Your log in credentials will remain the same.

No, we don't have any direct insights into your bank accounts. All we can access are the transactions you make through your Samsung Pay+ using a given, underlying payment card. Only this information will show up in our system and on your timeline.

Samsung Pay+ is provided and managed by Curve. As a Business Partner with whom Samsung works to provide the Samsung Pay+ , Curve controls and manages certain personal information you provide directly, in order to manage the program, comply with any financial services regulatory compliance, and operate the Samsung Pay+ Merchant Rewards Programme. 


Samsung Electronics UK and Curve jointly own customer data for co-branded marketing and communications for Samsung Pay+. When enrolling a payment card on Samsung Pay+ via Curve, Samsung Pay Users may also give consent for Curve to share certain personal information with Samsung (eg. User Profiles based on transaction history), which will inform marketing materials sent by both Samsung and Samsung Pay+, to individuals that have opted into receiving this marketing information. 

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